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COMOS - Seus dados trabalhando para você. Otimize seu modelo de negócio usando dados da empresa que já estão disponíveis. Novas soluções digitais permitem transformar dados em um ativo real de valor cada vez maior. O sucesso nos negócios depende da preparação, conexão e utilização de todos os dados da sua planta, incluindo dados que não estão imediatamente visíveis ou disponíveis.
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Individual applications

Empower your data value with …

What does empowering data value mean for your industry? How should you intelligently process your data? How can you ensure efficiency, data security, and data transparency in your value chains – including across national boundaries and time zones? Find inspiration in applications, exciting use cases, and stirring examples of empowerment. Discover targeted, practical COMOS applications.
COMOS – the integrated software solution

Decades of practical experience

Optimal preparation and utilization of your plant data is the key to a successful future. Individual COMOS solutions will help you achieve exactly that. They empower the performance of your data and help you create targeted added value.

COMOS is an integrated software solution that has long been proving itself on the market and in practice through numerous applications. Thanks to a central data platform, COMOS ensures consistent information and a seamless flow of all project-related data throughout the entire plant lifecycle. The software’s object orientation safeguards consistent application networking, which allows all systems and departments involved in the engineering and operating phases to access the same data for a given object, at any time, anywhere.

In 2001, we chose COMOS because it was the best product for us on the market at the time. Today, we’re convinced that it still is.
Alexander Rostek, Head of COMOS Competence Center at ANDRITZ Automation in Graz, Austria

As plant engineer or operator, you’ll ensure:

COMOS – Making data work.

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How you can use your data to create added value

Network, analyze, and prepare plant data

The steep rise in data sources and data volume makes creating data value a decisive competitive factor. The way that companies use data and information is changing both the companies themselves and the markets where they operate. Today, value chains are no longer limited to locations or companies, but extend across national boundaries and even time zones.

The following factors are key to long-term competitiveness:

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The central data platform

Take advantage of smart and efficient data acquisition

The huge volumes of data created in plant engineering and operation can be optimally exploited by means of smart, consistent data acquisition. The key is a central data platform, a shared data model on which everyone involved in the project works: A platform that’s consistently available at all times.

All plant information is available on a central data platform and can be retrieved and processed at any time. COMOS guarantees maximum transparency, consistency, and currency of data throughout a process plant’s entire lifecycle and allows access from any location, including mobile terminals. This means, for example, that a maintenance engineer can access relevant plant data using a hand-held device and work in the field.

Central storage prevents data fragmentation, iteration loops, duplicate entries, and data losses, which significantly increases the value of the data and accelerates processes. In addition, processes that would otherwise be performed consecutively are for the most part performed simultaneously. This saves operator costs while improving engineering quality.

Digitalization and the digital twin

COMOS is a major pioneer when it comes to digitalization in the process industries. Analog data and information can also be integrated into the system thanks to modern procedures. Even in older plants with long lifecycles, all the data can be implemented in subsequent processes with the same level of compatibility.

For you as an engineer or operator, this means, you can establish digital workflows – a key step towards digitalization. That includes the digital twin, which is the virtual copy of a real plant. Among other things, the digital twin permits plant operation to be simulated before the actual commissioning. It also contributes to faster and more reliable virtual trainings and to efficient plant modernizations in all industries.

Above all, it was the object-oriented database structure of COMOS that convinced us. Using this approach, we can supply even better products to our customers.
Zhu Chuntian, Sr. Vice Director at SEI
Digitally Integrated Operations by Siemens

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Empowering data value in practice

Solutions for empowering data value are already being successfully implemented. Discover sample applications that demonstrate how COMOS helps increase the value of data in your everyday business.

Empower your data value

Optimally preparing and utilizing plant data is the key to a successful future. With the application-specific COMOS solutions, you’ll empower the performance of your data and create targeted added value.   Want to talk to our experts? Contact us: