Deep-hole Drilling with SINUMERIK

Cycle for drilling

SINUMERIK Operate provides the user with convenient cycles for deep-hole drilling. It offers options for chip breaking and chip removal. At the picture you see the cylce with parameter chip removal active. The drill is retracted from the workpiece for stock removal.


The drilling cycles are available both in ShopMill and programGUIDE.





  • Chip removal/chip breaking: Depending on the selection, the parameters offered in the mask will change.
  • Z1:     Drilling depth (abs) or drilling depth in relation to Z0 (inc)
  • D:      Maximum depth infeed
  • FD1:  Percentage for the feedrate for the first infeed
  • DF:    Infeed. Amount for each additional infeed. Percentage for each additional infeed
  • VF1:  Minimum infeed - (only for DF in %)
  • VF2:  Retraction distance after each machining step – (for chipbreaking only)
  • VF3:  Limit distance – (for stock removal only and manual limit distance)
  • DT:    Dwell time at final drilling depth


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