Faster, better, lower cost – the optimum control panel is easier to build with the right data

Engineering costs account for almost

0 %
  • of the total costs of a control panel. A well thought-out data integration concept simplifies engineering processes; saving you time and money.

Save time with the CAx Download Manager – download free of charge now!

CAx Download Manager

Using the opportunities presented by digitalization

Keeping engineering costs under control

The amount and complexity of information that a project entails are continuously increasing. In the future, engineering is set to grow as a proportion of the total work involved.

All-round data provision marks the way to optimized control panels

It is vital that procedures run smoothly if you’re trying to achieve high quality and quick results. That is only possible if the necessary information is available in the planning system or can be accessed quickly. Therefore, data has to be available whenever and wherever it is needed.


Plan together with us and you will receive:

  • Original, high-quality manufacturer data
  • Available around the clock and updated daily
  • Universally available for almost every engineering system.

Benefit every step of the way

CAx Download Manager – access current product data with a few clicks

Find and download the data for each article separately. Make use of the versatile functions of the CAx Download Manager and put together your own personal download package. Simply select the data you would like to download, e.g. 

  • 3D models
  • 2D dimensional drawings
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Data sheets
  • EPLAN macros
  • Manuals
  • Operating instructions
  • Certificates
  • Commercial and technical data

High quality with original data

Make use of our high-quality, ready-made symbols for creating your circuit diagrams. Each device has its own individual circuit diagram symbol. We also provide the appropriate device circuit diagrams for complex products for almost all CAE systems.

Optimizing workflows with 3D

Join the trend to 3D: create your control panel design in 3D and carry out your wiring in a virtual environment to support optimization of the assembly process. The basis for this is provided by the connection data for our control panel components. With a 3D design, wires can be prefabricated to the nearest millimeter and thus tailored to the individual characteristics of your control panel. 


This means you not only save in terms of time spent on engineering but also pave the way for reducing the amount of work involved in the assembly and wiring of your control panel.

News and events

Stay up-to-date

The latest news and events on the subject of CAx data integration for control panel building.

Plan with us

The right data and tools for engineering at its finest

Extensive CAx data integration puts you in a position to be faster, more efficient and better when it comes to tailoring control panels to individual customer requirements. Our CAx download manager offers you the easy option to access current product data for your CAD or CAE system. Configure your own download with a few clicks.  

Save time with the CAx Download Manager – download free of charge now!

CAx Download Manager