The modular system in detail

Efficient switching, protection, control, and monitoring of motors

Today everything has to go faster. The trend toward digitalization increases the pressure on industry. What technologies should be used for starting and monitoring motors? Are there any tips and tricks for planning control cabinets more efficiently, while still complying with the standards?

The answer lies in a perfect combination of just the right switching devices. With the SIRIUS modular system’s combination options, you can create your own custom solution for your specific application. The strength of the system lies in its modular construction covering all sizes, the functionality of the devices for a multitude of applications, and comprehensive, standard-compliant planning. This facilitates your procedures and speeds up your planning processes.

A question of the combination

Every control panel engineering job has different requirements, every market has different rules, and every project has different workflows. Therefore it’s important to be able to react flexibly and dynamically.

Achieving your goal more quickly and efficiently

If you’re looking to make your engineering process more efficient and substantially reduce the time spent on plant documentation, the SIRIUS modular system offers you a solution. You will receive comprehensive data supply for all common CAE systems and plant documentation at the press of a button, for complete digital planning or supplementary plant documentation, direct from the Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) for control cabinet planning. You also save time due to fast product selection with the TIA Selection Tool and the Industry Mall.


CAx Online


TIA Selection Tool

Everything works – even under extreme conditions

If you need to build reliable, safe, and efficient control cabinets that also function perfectly under extreme ambient conditions, you’re on the safe side for every application with the SIRIUS portfolio. The approved, tested combinations can be used universally, optimally cover the entire input range up to 250 kW/400 V (400 hp/460 V) with just seven sizes, and are extremely robust and durable.


SIRIUS combination examples in the Siemens Industry Online Support


Easy export to any country

Are you fully informed about the latest standards? Are you technically state-of-the-art and do you know the global requirements for switching devices? 
Our universally applicable products for industrial control are harmonized and comply with standards worldwide, including your region. This saves you and your organization research and training time because our products fulfill the requirements of IEC, UL, and CCC and are tested in accordance with all current certificates.


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Maximum reliability with a strong partner by your side

If you’re looking for a globally experienced and reliable partner for building control cabinets, Siemens offers a rigorously tested portfolio of products for controlling and protecting motors. As a global player, we support you with consulting services and in-depth expertise in the area of applications and standards. Profit from our technological experience with white papers, guidelines, and workshops, all while reducing your time expenditure.


IEC standard-compliant control cabinets


Control cabinets for North America

Maximum performance with the smallest space requirement


Due to the progressively compact dimension of your machines it is becoming increasingly difficult to fit all the necessary components into your control panel? The products of the SIRIUS modular system allow in every size a higher power density in comparison to their predecessors but can be flexibly wired using the SIRIUS infeed system, 3RV29. This means that you can assemble motor starter combinations in record time with no tools and no risk of making mistakes. Click and ready!


Click and ready: Discover the infeed system 3RV29


More information about the infeed system 3RV29

Everything you need to know, always in view

In this age of digitalization you face a constant flow of communications. Here’s where you can get all the important information you need about the SIRIUS portfolio and how you can optimize your control panel engineering.

The SIRIUS modular system at a glance

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