Working together to ensure our future power supply

Customized power solutions for municipal utilities and distribution system operators (DSOs)

Ensuring a reliable power supply for industries and households poses a wide range of challenges for municipal utilities and distribution grid operators. While expanded use of IT-supported processes in many cases facilitates these tasks, it also creates new expectations among end customers for greater transparency. An increasing number of these end customers are themselves becoming power producers who consume only part of the electricity they generate, and want to feed their surplus into the power grids. This trend is placing enormous burdens on distribution networks and operating equipment that have to be accommodated by appropriate measures and technical solutions. Siemens offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for refurbishing and expanding grids, a portfolio proven over many years that is being continuously further developed.

Trends in the energy market

Working together to meet the challenges of the energy market

The increasing volume of power generated by distributed power producers and the increasing share of power generated from renewable energy sources make it harder to maintain grid stability, and pose challenges for municipal utilities and distribution grid operators. New technologies and increased use of IT-supported processes are helping to master these tasks. 
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Customized solutions for municipal utilities and distribution system operators

The transformation in the energy market demands new solutions to master the increasingly complex task of managing power grids, distributed and renewable energy sources and prosumers. Siemens offers tailored products and solutions for precisely these needs.
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Reliable power distribution

Partnership for reliable power distribution

The task of managing power grids, grid stability and the end customers is growing ever more complex. With Siemens as an experienced partner, you gain access to proven products, solutions and expertise that have matured over decades and can be precisely tailored to meet your needs. We will gladly advise you on how best to meet your specific requirements.

These complex requirements demand precise, tailored solutions – and we will gladly advise you on what serves your system best.

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