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Our commitment to service

  • High availability through service personnel around the globe
  • 24/7 parts service
  • Remote service is possible
Portfolio of services

End-to-end process optimization for the large drive industry

A comprehensive portfolio of services for products, systems, and applications as well as value-added and data-based services throughout the entire lifecycle of machines and plants.

Highly motivated and qualified Service Experts help you with:

  • Minimizing downtime
  • Optimizing personnel deployment
  • Reducing use of assets and resources
  • Reducing cost of ownership
  • Enhancing equipment reliability
  • Extending equipment lifetime
  • Increasing safety
  • Developing new digital service business models 

Siemens offers not only individual spare parts but also complete spare parts packages which are individually matched to your drive. The scope and contents of the packages are based on our long-term know how and service expertise, and they are put together on the basis of device-specific parameters. If a fault occurs, spare parts do not have to be ordered - they are already on site.

Technical Service Agreements (TSAs) are optimally tailored to your SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH180 drive and all maintenance intervals are adapted to your specific operating conditions. This ensures that your drive is inspected, maintained and if necessary refurbished at the right time.

With Digital Drive Train Services, in addition to hardware, connectivity and platform, Siemens also offers the appropriate digital services - and more specifically, over the complete drive train. With Remote Services, when a system fails, customers can quickly respond and link service experts directly with their system. With Condition Monitoring Services, scheduled and unscheduled downtimes can be minimized based on optimized maintenance activities. Service technicians can perform mobile measurements on site as well as setup permanently installed measuring equipment in the plant or system.

Further, Improvement and Optimization Services allow plant and system performance to be optimized based on efficiency analyses. And now a new function: Faults and problems are identified at an early stage through continuous monitoring, including automatic reports to minimize non-scheduled downtimes.







Service Portfolio

Our Portfolio to keep your Drive Systems efficiently running

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