Siemens during the COVID-19 Situation

The health and safety of our employees continues to be our highest priority. Siemens is closely following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other international health organizations.

We continue to closely monitor and evaluate the situation, subsequently developing and implementing measures and providing guidance to protect the health of our employees, customers and suppliers.

Some of our measures:


Our employees and facilities

We have implemented social distancing and hygiene for our employees as per health authority guidelines. We have applied additional control measures at our locations including surface treatment, limited seating/occupancy, touchless doors and directed walkways. We are screening and limiting visitors to Siemens locations. Whenever possible, Siemens employees are to work from home until further notice with mobile technology infrastructure in place.


Our customers

As this pandemic continues to evolve, Siemens is dedicated to working closely with our customers to minimize disruption to our customer operations. We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative technologies that could support them during this unprecedented time.


Our smart building technologies enable physical distancing, space optimization, temperature detection and remote operations –  this critical technology has supported companies and their employees to return to work with confidence and feel safe in their environments.


We are able to provide reliable and critical power supply to mission-critical environments. In collaboration with our Siemens Healthineers colleagues, we are able to support the development of emergency relief care facilities for areas in need. 


Our community

Our community's health and economy have been drastically affected and in a short time, COVID-19 has transformed lives of millions of Canadians, causing uncertainty and creating need for urgent community support. As a response to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, Siemens globally launched a Siemens Caring Hands COVID-19 relief fund. In Canada, as part of the global initiative we have launched the Canadian Caring Hands COVID-19 Relief fund in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross.

We have also donated 500 laptops and counting that are now used by families in need to allow them to apply for online subsidies and stay connected.