Siemens Canada Automation and Motion Virtual Expo

Unleash Potential in a Changing World 11:00-5:00 (ET) on November 3rd, 2020
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Automation and Motion Virtual Expo 2020

Safe to say, industry is becoming smart. Being effective and innovative is no longer enough, smart is the new “must-have.”  As such, the little word quickly becomes a burden. However, smart technologies bring so many wonderful possibilities for the automated industry. Because they make processes work on their own and adapt automatically to individual conditions.

Virtual booths - a chance to talk to industry experts about the latest technology innovations!

Visit any of the booths and get access to lots of useful collateral like presentations, videos, brochures, manuals, links to important websites, etc. Also interact with a Canadian expert live at the booths.


The booths cover a wide product portfolio including:

  • Discrete Automation
  • Process automation
  • Communication and Identification
  • Services

Canadian experts will provide live presentations and demonstrations on various interesting topics related to Discrete Automation and Motion. Join us for these live sessions and interact with our experts. The agenda for the live sessions is provided below.

Live conference - November 3rd, 2020

Presentations at the Siemens Canada Automation and Motion Virtual Expo 2020

Whether you are new to Siemens or already well informed, we have amazing presentations for you! In addition to addressing FAQs, you will have the chance to ask questions to Canadian experts live!
SIMATIC Automation Solutions

11:00am- Introduction to SIMATIC Automation Solutions

Get started with SIMATIC Factory Automation products and solutions involving SIMATIC Controllers (S7-1200 and S7-1500), Distributed I/O (ET200 family), SIMATIC HMI and TIA Portal software. Learn the basics of Integrated programming and configuration of various components of Automation systems using a single software platform – TIA Portal

Drives and Motion Control

12:00pm - Introduction to SINAMICS General Purpose and Motion Control Drives

Need to select the right drive for your applications? Our SINAMICS family of General Purpose and Servo Drives along with Servo motors can be easily selected and quickly commissioned for variety of industrial applications. In this session we will present features and benefits of our General Purpose and Motion Control drives portfolio and demonstrate ease of engineering and commissioning.

TIA Portal Software

1:00pm - TIA Portal: Tips and Tricks

Learn the various Tips and Tricks to work efficiently within TIA Portal. Understand the basics of SIMATIC software licensing. Learn how to use traces, webservers, add-ins, and more!


2:00pm - WinCC Unified: Use Cases

WinCC Unified, our brand new SCADA system in TIA Portal, is the future of visualization. Join us to realize the full potential of this platform combined with the power of the new Edge enabled Unified Comfort Panels. In this session, we will discuss some use cases/challenges and demonstrate how the WinCC Unified system will help address these challenges.

Integrated Motion in TIA Portal

3:00pm - Integrated Motion in TIA Portal: S210 Drives

Start your motion journey by using the SINAMICS S210 servo drive which is versatile, precise and safe for operation and integration with SIMATIC Controllers. Getting started with Integrated Motion in TIA Portal can be easily achieved through technology objects which give programmers an easy view of more complex functions, enable configuration via input screens, save time, and reduce the rate of error thanks to the use of simulation tools. Join us for this presentation and demonstration of the SINAMICS S210 servo drive and Integration Motion in TIA Portal for a truly integrated motion experience. 


4:00pm - Integrated Safety and Redundancy with SIMATIC

Safe operation of a machine/plant is one of the main user requirements today. Learn how the SIMATIC portfolio with Integrated Safety can help you develop and operate your equipment safely and efficiently.

Also, if your requirement is to prevent downtimes, you may need a high-availability Automation system. Come watch us present and demonstrate how to achieve redundancy with SIMATIC S7-1500

Automation of the Future

11:00am - Future of Automation with SIMATIC

Cognitive Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Edge Computing, Blockchain – these are some of the future technologies impacting the manufacturing sector and hence the Automation Industry. Additionally, the global pandemic has changed the way we operate today. Watch us talk about some of these changes and emerging technologies during this session.

TIA Portal Advanced Demo

12:00pm - Efficient Engineering with TIA Portal

Most Automation projects are made up of a team of engineers, each with a specific skillset, working together on multiple HMIs, PLCs, Drives, at a time. Join us to learn how TIA Portal can help you collaborate effectively within a team, not just during engineering, but also during commissioning. Also learn how TIA Portal Openness can help you automate your code generation and much more!

SIMATIC Micro-Drive

1:00pm - Versatile, Seamless, Safety Integrated: SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE

Our new SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE is an extremely versatile, seamless and safety integrated servo drive system that can cover a wide range of applications in the extra-low voltage (24VDC and 48VDC) range.  The MICRO-DRIVE system comprises the of Servo converter (ProfiDriveControl), Servo motor and plug-in cables that helps to save engineering and commissioning time. In this session you will have a chance to understand features and benefits of SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE and familiarize with ease of configuration and commissioning.

SINAMICS S120 Drives

2:00pm - SINAMICS S120: Flexible, High-Performance Drive Systems

Are you interested in knowing a easier way to save Engineering and Commissioning time for your Motion Control Applications? As a member of the SINAMICS drive family, the SINAMICS S120 drive is a modular Servo drive system. The SINAMICS S120 offers high-performance single and multi-axis drives for an extremely wide range of industrial applications. In this session we will demonstrate how to easily engineer and commission a motion control application.

3:00pm - SINUMERIK

3:00pm - SINUMERIK: Intelligent Solutions for Machine Tools

By continuously improving and extending our CNC portfolio we help our customers, both  machine tool builders and users, to be more productive and efficient. Learn about the latest additions to our existing CNC systems, innovative ideas and digitalization in Machine Tools . We will introduce to you SINUMERIK ONE. The system that revolutionizes everything that has gone before it – and unfolds the digital transformation with tremendous power.

Virtual Commissioning

4:00pm - Virtual Commissioning

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to develop and commission your new machine/line, test your code to eliminate errors, improve quality and reduce risks – all of this without buying any real hardware/equipment?

You can play it safe right from the start by using the digital twin of a machine or line: from the concept phase to development to commissioning and optimization during operation. Join us to watch us demonstrate how you can save time and money with virtual commissioning.


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