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At Siemens, we believe that companies can only succeed if they participate in the society in which they operate. That's why we've looked closely at what matters to Canada and quantified how Siemens Canada contributes, with our first ever Business to Society report.
Business to Society in Canada

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Making a difference in Canada

Defining “Business to Society”

Measurements used in corporate reports typically include only the dollars and cents of investments being made. In this document, we've gone far beyond that to capture the true value we create - the actual impact we're having.

"Business to Society" is our shorthand way of referring to the multidimensional impact Siemens has in this country - to make Canadian society better in lasting, quantifiable ways. It starts with the investment of money and building facilities and offices.

Then we measure the economic growth we generate, the jobs we create, the skills we develop, the education we foster, the innovation we spark, the environmental protection we achieve, the quality of life we improve, and the societal transformation we drive.

We then viewed all our business activities through that prism, and assessed the impacts of our actions now and in the future. As part of this, we also addressed where we can improve and where we can place greater emphasis to have an even larger positive influence. 

Across all aspects of Canadian society – from the economy to the environment to supporting people in need – Siemens Canada is committed to helping the country become stronger and continuously improve.
Faisal Kazi, President and CEO, Siemens Canada Limited
Business to Society in Canada

Committed to Canada

Through Ingenuity for life, our company and our people are improving Canadian society.

Delivering Ingenuity for life is the mantra we follow every day, as we channel our collective talent and energy toward helping Canadians lead healthier, more productive and more prosperous lives.

This Business to Society report offers a snapshot of the many ways we are making a difference in Canadian communities and individuals from coast to coast to coast. Quite simply, every day we are contributing toward making Canada a better country for its citizens.

We hope that this report is just a starting point toward a deeper and sustained conversation about how to meet the challenges Canada must face for a successful future. We hope that with everyone playing a part, all Canadians can come together to make this country even greater.

Siemens Value Map

Our contribution to Canada spans six wide-ranging pillars

Like all countries where Siemens operates, Canada has its own unique circumstances and societal needs. Siemens is playing a key role in addressing this country’s challenges, to help ensure an ever-improving future.

Whether it’s creating infrastructure, supporting our education system, helping the environment, transforming industries, making philanthropic contributions, or having our people volunteer in their communities, we’re committed to making a difference for Canadian society. It can all be categorized within six pillars.



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Business to Society in Canada

Download the Report