Siemens Critical Infrastructure Defense Center

Siemens Critical Infrastructure Defense Center (CIDC) 

At CIDC Canada, we have a team of consultants, and cybersecurity researchers, coupled with the first dedicated OT Security Operations Center (SOC) in Canada. 

Siemens established its first security team 35 years ago and is uniquely positioned to leverage its deep domain knowledge and experience in security enabling technology agnostic best practices that have been refined and applied in the global market for more than 10 years. 

Product Portfolio

We take a holistic approach to cybersecurity and cover the entire security lifecycle comprising of the following stages:

Security Management

• Program review

• Strategy development

• Roadmap development

• Program execution


Security Engineering

• System architecture design

• Technical vulnerability management

• Threat modelling

• Technology implementation 


Security Operations

• OT SOC Operations

• Incident response support

• Threat Intelligence and analysis

• Forensic and malware analysis


Security Testing 

• Vulnerability testing

• Penetration testing

• Red/Blue Team exercises


Security R&D

• World class team of cybersecurity researchers


  • Automated real-time monitoring of core OT and related IT security events
  • Automated detection of security outliers by observing deviations from known good baseline
  • Automated generation of security alerts and tracking cases
  • Manual triaging of security alerts to validate findings
  • Initiation of security incidents as needed
  • Investigation and identification of anomalous events detected by security devices, or reported by external entities
  • Incident response, remediation, and recovery support services


We provide various Managed Security Services offerings to complement our OT SOC offerings.