Using wind to illuminate the dark

ATCO has built the Eastern Alberta Transmission Line (EATL) to harness Alberta's abundant wind power and distribute the resulting green energy reliably and cost-effectively.
Energy Management

Siemens brings green energy to Albertans

The future of energy lies with renewables like wind and solar. To ensure a future of reliable and affordable green energy for Albertans, ATCO is using innovative technologies. That's Ingenuity for life.

Harnessing the wind for Alberta's clean energy needs

The people of Alberta look forward to a future powered by more renewable-based electricity. Provincial utility ATCO Electric has taken big steps toward reaching that goal, after building the Eastern Alberta Transmission Line (EATL) - a massive conduit that will serve as part of a system-wide backbone for decades to come. 

EATL, the longest transmission line in Alberta, features energy flowing both from south to north and from north to south. While Albertans have always needed reliable, safe and cost-effective energy, increasingly they’re looking for additional sources of green energy. With EATL, ATCO is addressing the province’s growing energy demand by providing Albertans with clean wind power energy from the province’s windy south. 

Alberta's abundant wind power can now be harnessed and distributed reliably and cost-effectively. Siemens state-of-the-art technology helps make EATL possible.

... what I value most was the relationship we had with Siemens. They really were a trusted partner. I would have no difficulty recommending Siemens.
Sett Policicchio, President of ATCO Electric
Ingenuity for life with Siemens and ATCO

Delivering clean, green electricity

Innovative Siemens technology is helping ATCO deliver electricity from wind power. Albertans can rely on ATCO to provide a clean energy future. 

HV Direct Current Transmission System (HVDC)

Innovative Siemens HVDC solutions offer an excellent opportunity to support and improve the power supply of sustainable, efficient and reliable future grids. Siemens offers expertise and long-term experience to help ensure stable power supply with a high degree of green energy wherever it is needed.