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Creating Perfect Places for students, faculty, and staff

The right environment for learning can lead to great things. Students focus on learning and exploring their future. The institution adheres to its mission. Parents rest easy. A campus environment that’s safe, secure and comfortable, while being energy efficient and sustainable, opens possibilities and creates opportunities.
Siemens and Algonquin College

Inspiring students to become tomorrow's green leaders

Algonquin College students learn sustainability via applied learning labs. As an example of best sustainability practices, Algonquin creates and stores part of its own energy needs..

Enabling Algonquin College's clean energy future

Siemens is helping Algonquin College inspire students to move society toward a greener future through co-creating its sustainability curriculum, its hands-on applied learning labs, and its state-of-the-art high-performance buildings.

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Durham College reduces GHG emissions with Geothermal Project

Durham College is extending its long history of environmental responsibility with the completion of the Simcoe Geothermal Field and Energy Innovation Centre. The project is part of the ongoing transformation of Durham College’s energy infrastructure to support and implement sustainably focused initiatives on campus.

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Together, we help create the perfect place to teach and learn and for students to reach their potential.

We strive to be a partner to colleges and universities, and positively contribute to your strategic objective and core priorities.


The right partnership can help transform your campus.

Find resilient, sustainable solutions to enhance your status.

Campus of the Future 

The Campus of the Future will be the one that enhances the learning experience for each and every student. 


Critical to the success of universities and colleges will be their ability to adapt to the changing trends in where, how and when we all learn.

Campus Transformation

Leading institutions recognize the value of their facilities and campus environment in attracting, retaining, and teaching students. Investing in a modern, safe, energy-efficient, and student-friendly campus can pay dividends. 


A phased approach to Campus Transformation means that improvements can be designed and implemented around each school’s master plan and budget, while enriching the campus with living laboratories, student engagement opportunities, and sustainability showcases. The right partnership will integrate sustainability education and workforce development with infrastructure improvements and energy optimization.

As a strategic partner to more than 800 higher education institutions across North America, Siemens is widely recognized for its approach to campus transformation. 

We can help transform your campus environment to address your triple bottom line objectives. By focusing on infrastructure upgrades, operational efficiency, and distributed energy, Siemens helps drive out costs, address deferred maintenance, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Siemens first-hand experience combined with industry-leading technologies, solutions, and financing options can help you overcome your on-campus challenges while realizing your long-term vision.

Maximizing student and research success

Maximizing student and research success

Siemens brings global experience, advanced technologies, and financial innovation to your campus.
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