We help our customers transform their businesses so they can impact Canada and the world.

Siemens creates benefits for Canadians through its commitment to powerful innovation. With our customers, Siemens is helping to improve Canadians' quality of life.

A commitment to Canada

For over 100 years, Canadians have benefited from Siemens commitment to this country. And that's true today more than ever. Canadian businesses rely on Siemens global knowledge and Canadian expertise to address the challenges in front of us.

Siemens commitment to building technology with purpose helps our customers transform their businesses. 

Canadian businesses and consumers need reliability and flexibility, from transportation, to energy management and more. 


Siemens is helping Algonquin College redefine sustainability and energy management with an environmentally friendly infrastructure, an onsite microgrid and applied learning for their students. The partnership integrates right into the classroom, shaping faculty and students’ learning content and experience. The college is a living lab of what a green future really can look like.


A visionary partnership between Siemens and NB Power is establishing the utility as a leader in the global electricity industry. With Siemens Smart Grid solution, New Brunswickers are better managing their electricity consumption, embracing new forms of renewable energy and able to count on greater system-wide reliability.


Torontonians don't give a second thought to being warm in downtown hospitals, offices and homes on chilly days. Enwave Energy reliably heats 150 buildings in downtown Toronto, including mission-critical buildings like Ontario's world-renown hospitals. Enwave's heating plant is automated, monitored and managed by a control system from Siemens, which is fed critical real-time info from Siemens instrumentation.


Siemens is helping our customers transform their businesses - and shape the future for Canadians.

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Siemens is helping our customers transform their businesses - and shape the future for Canadians.