Inspiring students to become tomorrow's green leaders

Algonquin College students learn sustainability via applied learning labs. As an example of best sustainability practices, Algonquin creates and stores part of its own energy needs.
Distributed Energy Systems

Algonquin's unique vision

Leaders are needed to address the world's unprecedented environmental challenges. Algonquin College is dedicated to foster and inspire those leaders via its world class sustainability curriculum.

Algonquin's goal: a zero net carbon footprint by 2042

With Siemens help, Algonquin College has already established a solid foundation of investment and best practices to realize this goal.

  • Algonquin College has created a unique sustainability curriculum to support and inspire tomorrow's environmental leaders. This includes a graduate certificate program in sustainability; and the integration of sustainability into the curriculum of all undergraduate disciplines for every student.
  • Algonquin College is a 'living lab' of leading-edge sustainability technologies including on-site cogeneration for energy independence. Siemens sophisticated microgrid manages energy creation via  solar panels and cogen. It also determines when energy is directed from its energy storage
  • The Energy Innovation centre provides students with hands-on access to the newest technologies
  • Infrastructure upgrades for energy efficiency have resulted in a $3.2 million annual savings for Algonquin College
  • And a dedicated Siemens professional is onsite at Algonquin College to drive and promote its green initiatives

Algonquin College, with Siemens help, inspires tomorrow's environmental leaders who are ready to change the world.

The work we've done together is absolutely ripe with ingenuity. We have groundbreaking ideas that drives us a net zero carbon footprint
Cheryl Jensen, Former President, Algonquin College

A unique energy management system

Algonquin College can create, direct and store its own energy. Siemens microgrid controller sets energy needs from the solar PV and CoGen. They then direct energy to the load, Algonquin College and to energy storage. When needed, the microgrid controller can direct stored energy to Algonquin College.

Enabling Algonquin College's clean energy future

Siemens is helping Algonquin College inspire students to move society toward a greener future through co-creating its sustainability curriculum, its hands-on applied learning labs, and its state-of-the-art high-performance buildings