Siemens' solutions for the pharmaceutical industry supports you in winning the race against time against the Corona virus

Let’s stand together against COVID-19

In the fight against the coronavirus, pharmaceutical companies around the world try to win the race against time to end the pandemic. We’re here to support you.
Reduce time to market

Improving the process in pre-clinical and clinical phases

There is no greater work being done in the world right now than finding potential treatments and vaccines for the coronavirus disease known as COVID-19. Around the world, numerous companies are working on antiviral drugs, on antibodies and on other treatments. Among them are many of our customers, who we continue to support in finding solutions to this current crisis.

Acceleration from development to manufacturing to patient

Ramping up production in the quantities needed and accelerating clinical trials in the timeframes required to combat COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges the industry has ever faced. You have turned to Siemens as your trusted partner in the past for the reliable manufacture of products, as well as the design and simulation of new processes, and our Siemens team is ready to be turned to again, to help you accelerate your manufacturing capabilities.                                                                                                                                    

It’s time to save time

How we can win the race against time

R&D can take years, but the fight against COVID-19 needs to be sped up. The holistic Digital Twin from Siemens' Digital Enterprise portfolio enables pharmaceutical companies to accelerate R&D, reduce time to market, and scale-up production faster.

Faster from the lab to market with the digital twin concept

With the digital twin concept, we are able to use different technologies to create a virtual world in which the research and development for new therapies and vaccines can be accelerated. To speed it up we established a new Siemens Business with Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) that enables to optimize your plant’s productivity and performance using predictive models that faithfully reflect the real thing.


For example, a new process can be modeled with gPROMS software and extensively tested and simulated. With the help of our complete multiphysics simulation solution Star-CCM+ it becomes possible to simulate the material flow within a bioreactor.

Design for global scale up 

Automation and digitalization solutions help to accelerate the production process for optimal upscaling. The COMOS plant engineering software enables to build modular and flexible plants in order to achieve rapid design and commissioning of production lines. Modular plant design also increases flexibility and speed to quickly adapt to new requirements. For example, machine and plant manufacturer GEA is using technology from Siemens and the module type package (MTP) industry standard to build specific modules for the pharmaceutical industry that can be easily integrated into existing plants.  


Standardization is also important to optimally process big data from bioprocesses, which becomes possible with Siemens BioMAC. This cloud-based data processing and analytics offering helps companies to break silos and empower manufacturing teams with data-driven decision making.

Ensure operation with reliable support and services

The world as we know it has changed and we are all facing new challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to support your business, Siemens Industry Service are here to you support you, while protecting your employees as well as ours. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you. You can find an overview of our service offerings during these challenging times on a dedicated website. We also continue to provide web-based training via SITRAIN access and SITRAIN open.