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Buildings used for tasks related to research, development and storage in the life sciences have to meet unique requirements. In order to comply with the strict norms and regulations aimed at ensuring occupant health and safety as well as production and storage requirements, a highly specialized technological infrastructure must be implemented and maintained. This isn’t an easy task for those with responsibility for the protection of people and assets from high-risk substances, unauthorized access or intellectual property loss. Properly addressing these issues needs a building technology partner who fully understands the daily challenges faced by businesses and institutions in the life science sector. We have developed our life science portfolio specifically with these challenges in mind. And we are ready to support you with our broad network of specialists and our highly efficient life science building management solutions and services for all applications. With us, you can leverage the combined potential of people, technology and services to enhance your life science building performance .

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Intelligent Labs eBook: Roadmap to building a Smart Laboratory.

Bridging the gap between operational efficiency and occupant experience to realize the intelligent lab infrastructure of tomorrow 

life science whitepaper

Smart Labs Webinar: Achieve high levels of energy efficiency while remaining safe, secure and compliant!

A Smart Lab is one that leverages a holistic optimization strategy based on data, predictive capabilities, digital services, and total room automation to reduce energy consumption, improve health and safety, increase employee productivity, and foster innovative research and development.


Creating efficient, sustainable, and safe environments in your labs helps you achieve CO2 reductions and cost savings, prepare today's employees for tomorrow's workforce, and be a driving force to address sustainability.

Our Smart Labs webinar covers technology available for retrofitting existing labs to improve efficiency and performance while maintaining safety and comfort. Our panel of experts also discuss considerations when implementing Smart Lab solutions and how to get the most out of your investment.

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Smart production and buildings

The challenges in the pharmaceutical industry are manifold. To win the race against time nonetheless, Siemens supports companies with a holistic approach that encompasses hardware, software, buildings and infrastructure.

Digital solutions for achieving outstanding results

life science whitepaper

Whitepaper: Five recommendations to build back better

This paper addresses the trends in the work environment and how they are reshaping workplaces in the life science industry. The focus is clearly on combining a flexible working strategy with future-proof facilities. Digitization and the associated data can be used to combine both – the needs of employees and the optimization of the workplace.

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Addressing life science-specific challenges

Truly integrating your life science building management systems means more than merely meeting technological requirements. In order to make a meaningful contribution to your success, the building infrastructure should always be seen in the larger context of your organization and its mission. This is why we always try to learn more about our customers and their goals, with the ultimate aim of providing life sciences solutions that rise to the greater challenges within all market segments.


Our life science solutions have made significant contributions to reducing capital and operational expenditure at universities and research institutions. For instance, Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology now uses an average of 73.6% less power per week thanks to our innovative sub-metering concept. Improving sustainability with state-of-the-art building infrastructure has also proved to be a major factor in attracting and retaining talented researchers.


We help public entities walk the fine line between meeting sustainability targets and improving their service quality on the one hand, and coping with shrinking public funding on the other. By improving building performance, easing budget pressures as well as reducing technological risks and operational costs, our efficiency projects can free up capital to be reinvested elsewhere – as is shown by our contribution to the refurbishment of Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark, which is considered a showcase project by the Danish government with energy savings of 33%.


Hospitals can use our life science building management solutions to significantly improve their patients’ and staff’s safety and comfort, ultimately resulting in a better reputation, increased bed occupancy rates and additional earnings. Our monitoring and control technologies help you comply with regulations and provide reliable proof that optimum environmental conditions are continuously maintained. And with the help of tools such as asset tracking, much higher operational efficiencies can be achieved to the benefit of your patients’ well-being.

Life science industries

Numerous customers from the life science industries have been able to sustainably improve workplace quality and output thanks to our familiarity with compliance needs. Our standardized and scalable modular solutions effectively save time and money through fast implementation, reduced complexity and speedy workspace adaptations. And by helping our customers become sustainability leaders, our technology makes significant contributions to reputation-building.


Answering our customers’ challenges

All around the world, we have delivered ideal solutions for customers in the life science industries with building technology systems tailored to their specific demands. Explore some of our projects below.