Industrial Did You Know Series

Siemens Canada Digital Industries is excited to bring you the new Did You Know Series sharing with you relevant facts and knowledge relating to our industrial technology solution portfolio.

Did You Know Videos

Episode 1

ET 200SP a Comprehensive IO System

In this Did You Know Session, dive into Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed IO system with Andrew Cortese, Product Manager for Factory Automation at Siemens Canada. Despite it's compact design, the ET 200SP is one of the most powerful distributed IO's in the industry.
Episode 2

SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC View of Things

Take a peek into Siemens new View of Things feature in this Did You Know Session, with Jim Grube, Senior Application Consultant for Factory Automation at Siemens Canada. The View of Things feature allows you to create flexible website designs with ease.
Episode 3

SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V4.0 Features

In this Did You Know Session, take a look into Siemens PLCSIM Advanced V4.0 with Michael Szedlak, Application Engineering Manager for Factory Automation at Siemens Canada. Learn how the PLCSIM Advanced V4.0 features allow you to test out your application without waiting for your hardware to arrive.
Episode 4

Industry Specific Solutions

Learn about different software solutions that Siemens has to offer for different industry segments with Michael Balao, Motion Control Sales Specialist at Siemens Canada. These solutions will help to reduce your engineering resources and help bring your machines to the market sooner.
Episode 5


In This Did You Know Session, learn about Siemens new Servo Drive called the SIMATIC Micro-Drive with Bimal Shah, Head of Product Management and Application Engineering for Factory Automation and Motion Control at Siemens Canada. Explore how the SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE extends our Servo product offering to new applications.
Episode 6

Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)

Explore Siemens RTLS with Rob Burnside, segment leader responsible for the Industrial Communication, Identification and Locating products for Siemens Canada. Siemens SIMATIC RTLS uses seamless locating to position all relevant assets - from workpieces to people! RTLS reduces your search time and optimizes your material flow with locating data for each and every relevant asset in your production.
Episode 7

Weighing Technology

In this Did You Know session, explore Siemens weighing technologies with Craig Allen, Senior Product Manager for Level & Weighing Technologies for Siemens Canada. Get to know what "Dynamic" or "Static" weighing is. See how these solutions can be implemented, offering a solution for any scenario.
Episode 8

Clamp-On Flowmeter Technology

Dive into Siemens flow technology with Vijay Acharya, Sr. Product Manager for Flow Technologies in Siemens Canada Process Instrumentation, a division of Siemens Process Automation. Explore Siemens innovative, non-intrusive and non-contact type flowmeter technology.
Episode 9

Maxum Ed. II GC

In this Did You Know session, take a look at the Maxum Ed. II Gas Chromatograph with Gilles Ouimet, Product Manager for Analytical Products & Solutions for Siemens Canada. See how the GC's operate off an intelligent plug and play principle and can handle multiple detectors in a single oven arrangement.
Episode 10

Level Measurement

Explore Siemens Level portfolio with Craig Allen, Senior Product Manager for Level & Weighing Technologies for Siemens Canada. See how our controllers allow you to pump when electricity is least expensive while ensuring maximum safety.
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