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Virtual commissioning of robots and AGVs: How to use Process Simulate and Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) simulation to bring robots, AGVs and automation online faster

Virtual commissioning of robots and AGV’s with Process Simulate and validation of the automation results in faster commissioning, reduced costs and risks. Learn capabilities within Process Simulate that can streamline the process of bringing automation online and into production.

Siemens TIA Portal: Commissioning with confidence

You can hit the ground running when you validate your automation solutions with simple, easy simulation tools built in. Avoid the risks of costly time and effort at startup with simulation and virtual commissioning for all your diverse applications.

Join Siemens for a 90-minute live, guided introduction to the concepts of simple simulation tools built into the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal framework. New and experienced users to Siemens automation products, will learn a best practices approach for reducing time and risk in machine commissioning and plant startups.

An engineer’s quick guide to leveraging industrial computing and IIoT

As manufacturing processes become increasingly data intensive, the need for more versatile and powerful platforms to efficiently harness data and execute control to your machines becomes more important. Using PC-based automation can help you implement applications and solutions that far exceed the functions of a classic controller, reducing conventional data processing costs and time.


Join Siemens to learn how to leverage industrial computing and IIOT technologies for better manufacturing results. Real customer examples and demonstrations will be used to show the potential of the digital factory.

Understanding the security requirements of the Industrial Edge

The optimal use of data is becoming increasingly important for industry. Conventional data processing on the field level is often costly and time-consuming, isn’t very scalable, and isn’t necessarily secure. With Industrial Edge you can simplify secure machine data acquisition and analysis in your company

Join Ramey Miller of Siemens as he discusses the ins and outs of Industrial Edge computing. You will learn the steps in configuring a secure network in your facility’s infrastructure ― taking you one step closer to the Edge and a better understanding of the architecture required to implement successfully.

SINAMICS G115D Distributed Drive System - Solutions for intralogistics and conveyor applications

SINAMICS G115D is not just a new distributed drive, but a complete drive system. The SINAMICS G115D comprises a motor, frequency converter and gearbox and is available in two versions. This user-friendly, modular and versatile solution offers dedicated features for conveyor applications, and has an innovative design to make connecting up, commissioning and service very easy. With SINAMICS G115D, you benefit from an out-of the-box concept for easy handling, fast set-up and extremely simple operation.

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