Dr. Phillips Center

Gala Systems Success

Gala Systems in partnership with Siemens Canada transforms Steinmetz Hall

Transform world-class venues safely and efficiently

Gala Systems is an OEM, Headquartered in Quebec, Canada. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of under-stage equipment and a leader in automated multipurpose halls. Since 1980, Gala Systems has completed installations of remarkable electromechanical systems at more than 1,750 public assembly and performance venues in 65 countries. Gala Systems solutions – using specialized technologies like Spiralift®, the world’s most compact lifting system – empower venue operators to completely reconfigure their sites in breathtaking fashion. Gala Systems makes it easy to switch from event to event in a matter of minutes, no matter how dramatically different the seating and space arrangements may be, such as transforming a room from a lecture theatre into a dance hall.

“By using Siemens, we knew we could give great confidence to our clients wherever they might be in the world.” 
Robert Heimbach, Vice President, Business Development, Gala Systems
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