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SINAMICS G120X: Master the Elements

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Topics to be covered:

  • SINAMICS Drives portfolio and benefits
  • SINAMICS G120X solution

Future of Visualization: WinCC Unified


SIMATIC WinCC Unified is a totally new visualization system you can use to overcome the challenges of digitalization in mechanical engineering and plant construction. All thanks to the latest hardware and software technologies, both now and in the future. It offers proven engineering in the TIA Portal, the latest web technology, high power reserves for the coming years, so you can implement your ideas the way you imagine them.

Lifecycle Analysis Services 

The goal of a product lifecycle analysis from Siemens is to show you where your Siemens products and systems are in the Siemens product lifecycle. The reports will provide product discontinuation dates, successor information and recommendations on spare parts. This will help you to make educated decisions on spare part management and migration timelines.

TIA Portal V16 Step 7 and Options

Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) V16 provides you with unrestricted access to our complete range of digitalized automation services, from digital planning and integrated engineering to transparent operation.

Join this webinar to find out how the new version shortens your time to market, increases the productivity of your plant, and offers you broader flexibility.

Industrial Remote Connectivity

In this uncertain time of travel restrictions and physical distancing it can be difficult for an OEM or service team to support their customers that are maintaining essential services, or for end users to access their systems from remote sites. Siemens offers industrial remote communication solutions using public communication infrastructures that will enable OEM, service, manufacturing and process industry customers to bridge the physical gap in a safe, secure environment.

SIMATIC ET 200: Distributed IO Systems

With SIMATIC ET 200, we offer you a multifunctional, modular, and precisely scalable system for distributed automation for solutions in control cabinets, without control cabinets directly at the machine, as well as for use in hazardous areas. All products can be integrated in the automation system via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

Remote Services and SIPIX Tablet PC

Most companies today are battling the challenge of maintaining production and operations of their plants while managing their highest priority: keeping their employees safe. Many customers do not have remote access to their plants and/or have the tools they require to work efficiently and effectively to perform their jobs. Siemens can help navigate current challenges and be ready for the future with our products, solutions and services. With remote services we provide optimum, system-specific support for the SIMATIC automation system from a remote location. As part of the offered modules, customers will not only be provided with the secured remote infrastructure, but support and maintenance are already included.

SIMATIC Unified Comfort Panels

Siemens is introducing the new generation of high-end, 7–22-inch operator panels, part of the new SIMATIC WinCC Unified System, which boasts numerous improvements over the predecessor devices – including in terms of user-friendliness and visualization. Based on the new Simatic WinCC Unified visualization system in TIA Portal, the new Unified Comfort Panels also introduce the integration of Siemens Industrial Edge, thus allowing users to create/use apps on the device to simultaneously run other programs alongside the standard runtime.

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SINAMICS S210 Motion Control Drives

SINAMICS S210 fully leverages its strengths when the application involves precise positioning and motion control. Even with the highest dynamic performance, all motion sequences are executed with the utmost precision. With its powerful performance, SINAMICS S210 is convincing in packaging machines as well as in handling systems, in woodworking and plastics processing as well as in digital printing.

Motion Control in TIA Portal

Sophisticated motion control doesn’t have to be complex and complicated. The world is constantly in motion and generates new challenges. How can you react to this flexibly, quickly and cost-effectively? We will look into the latest with the SIMATIC S7-1500 technology CPUs, and cover the highlights and new features available with TIA Portal V16 such as PLC Cross Synchronous Operation, and Kinematics with Conveyor Tracking. We will also dive into the Siemens portfolio of scalable Motion Control solutions from the controller, all the way down to the machine level.

SIMOGEAR: Precise and Powerful Drive Systems

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Quick overview of Simogear Geared Motor Product Line, Features and Benefits.
  • SIMOGEAR Reluctance Geared Motor, new addition to the Geared Motor Portfolio.  
  • Simogear Geared Motors for Electric Monorail Systems
  • Simogear Geared Motor for applications in Gas and Dust Loaded atmospheres
  • Simogear Gear Box combined with Crane Motor for Marine Conditions
  • Simogear Geared Motor for Cooling Towers, Agitators and Mixer Applications
  • Newly added SIMOGEAR KS adaptor for Siemens 1FK2/1FL6/1FK6/1Ph8 Servo Motors

SIMATIC Safety Integrated: The safety solution for today and tomorrow

Production lines not only have to be highly flexible and cost-efficient, but they also need to comply with the necessary safety requirements. There are many questions when deciding on which programmable safety solution to use. This 45-minute presentation provides you with 6 key capabilities which your programmable safety solution should support.

SIMATIC Safety Integrated is the seamless integration of machine safety in the SIMATIC automation system. The system, comprising both hardware and software, offers the advantage of having the safety functions already built in, so no second, additional system is needed. This genuine integration not only results in potential savings on hardware and engineering, but also gives you the opportunity to achieve the perfect match between safety and machine design.

PCS neo

Can you imagine if you were using technology from 25 - 30 years ago in your personal life? No cell phones, personal computers, tablets or smart watches. It’s hard to picture. Yet so many plants are operating with outdated technologies. The field of process automation has been rapidly advancing and without the latest innovations, you’re missing out on efficiencies that could make your job easier, safer and more productive. Learn how distributed control systems will be equipped to help users address the plant requirements of today and tomorrow.

SIMATIC ET 200SP - SIWAREX Weighing and Coriolis Flow Technology

See how the innovative and compact IO system SIMATIC ET 200SP allows multiple technology modules to be used at any one time. It connects to industry networks using Profinet, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP/IP. Together with SIWAREX weighing and Coriolis flow technology modules, the ET 200SP is the perfect IO solution for your process automation applications.