Fire protection for lithium-ion battery energy storage systems

Our energy infrastructure is undergoing a radical transformation. An influx of excess energy from renewable sources like wind and solar is causing fluctuations in energy supply and putting grid stability at risk. Energy storage is a key component to balance out supply and demand and absorb the fluctuations. Today, lithium-ion battery storage systems are the most common and effective type and, as a result, installations are growing fast.


Fire protection for lithium-ion battery energy storage systems

Lithium-ion battery energy storage systems – a manageable fire risk

Lithium-ion storage facilities contain high-energy batteries combined with highly flammable electrolytes. In addition, they are prone to quick ignition and explosion in a worst-case scenario. Such fires can have a significant financial impact on organizations. Rapid detection of electrolyte gas particles and extinguishing are the key to a successful fire protection concept. Since December 2019, Siemens has been offering a VdS-certified fire protection concept for stationary Li-ion battery storage systems.


The FDA241 has a VdS approval (no. S 619002) and performance verification as an early warning detection device for Lithium-ion battery off gas detection. This VdS approval can be used to meet NFPA 855 requirements through equivalency allowance in NFPA 72 section 1.5. Currently there are no other global product performance standards for the detection of Lithium-ion battery off gas.

Our Solution

Earliest possible detection with the FDA241 aspirating smoke detector

The FDA241 detects electrolyte vapor early and reliably thanks to its patented dual-wavelength optical detection technology. The FDA241 is the ideal solution for early detection of electrical fires. In addition to controlling the automated extinguishing system, the fire protection system triggers all other necessary control functions.

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