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Adventures in learning begin in safe, comfortable classrooms

As your students tackle complex subjects, your facility faces challenges of its own. But when you create a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment, students can do their best learning and apply it to the world around them.

Achieving a safer, healthier indoor environment for optimal student learning

District School Board of Niagara modernizes building automation technologies, infusing buildings with as much potential as the students who learn in them

Siemens and the DSBN partnered on a Green Migrations project to help take a strategic approach to modernizing building automation equipment and technologies with energy efficiency in mind.


The end result was a true upgrade to the facilities, not just hardware renewal.

We anticipated as much as a 20% increase in energy use due to COVID requirements for fresh air ventilation. But because of Siemens care, attention to detail, and innovative approach to saving energy, we’re able to create these healthy learning environments but still achieve energy savings.
Graeme McKenzie, Energy Officer for Facility Services
Shining a light on a more sustainable future

Smartflower Microgrid sparks STEM learning in Saskatchewan school

Siemens Canada partnered with the The Saskatoon Industry Education Council (SIEC) to install the first educational Smartflower microgrid of its kind at Bishop James Mahoney High School in Saskatoon. The Smartflower MG is now powering classrooms and providing real-time data on electricity production and energy absorption.  The resounding success of the pilot project has paved the way for subsequent installations across Canada.

Northwest Catholic District School Board implements DVO for safer reopening 

Siemens worked with the NCDSB to understand what options were available to them to help mitigate virus transmission in school buildings. 


Dynamic VAV Optimization (DVO) utilizing Siemens’ building automation, along with improved filtration and other mitigation measures, helped safely reopen schools.

Creating environments that care

Your journey to a Smart School

Siemens is committed to helping Canadian schools navigate these challenging times. We’re harnessing our capabilities, expertise, and the power of data to supply schools with technologies that improve air quality, reduce the risk of infection and create safer and more comfortable environments to learn and work. All while helping manage costs and optimizing energy efficiencies.

Learn more about this technology:


Ensuring a Safe, Healthy Indoor Environment for Education


Ozone-Free, Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Solution


Infection Control in Educational Environments


One District's Story

Our world has undergone dramatic changes, requiring new types of workers with new types of schools. Educators at Pine Grove Middle School in New York changed its teaching methods to meet the needs of this new world… less instruction. More imagination.

The relationship between the educators at Pine Grove and Siemens isn’t simply that of customer and supplier. And the scope of the work didn’t end with the installation of the last piece of technology. Siemens is a true partner to Pine Grove and works with the administration, educators and community for the entire district. Listening. Advising. Exploring. In areas that impact not just the building, but the students and teachers, too. Because just as a child isn’t educated overnight, there’s something else that needs to be long term, too. Partnership.


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Together, we help create the perfect place to teach and learn— creating new opportunities and possibilities. 

We strive to be a partner to K-12 schools every step of the way to help achieve their learning objectives and help students reach for their dreams.

Over the years, since energy costs increase, sustainability became an issue and concern. We did a carbon footprint, and used that to help guide our goals to reduce natural gas and electrical usage.
Merv Roberts,  School Board Member

Adlai E. Stevenson High School

Since opening its doors in 1965, Stevenson High School has been renowned for its academics, receiving the President’s Award for Excellence in Education five times.

Great things can happen so quickly and successfully when you have collaboration. When you bring the local community, businesses, schools, and the university together, it creates a sustainable model.
Cheryl Guyett, Principal, Dimond High School

Anchorage, Alaska School District

Siemens engineers and technicians work with local communities to make schools efficient, safe, and more secure. In Anchorage, Siemens takes this commitment to K-12 one step further, partnering with the school district to help cultivate the state’s next generation of engineers.

This project is about much more than just fixing the boilers. It’s a springboard for our kids. We live in an area where few career paths are generally available to our residents. But in combination with the solar arrays, Siemens has helped us create a pathway.
Dr. Sam Ray, Superintendent of Schools

North Sanpete School District

The North Sanpete School District in central Utah operates under a singular philosophy: all students can learn. Thus, the district works hard to provide the education and resources appropriate to meet the needs and contribute to the success of each student, the community, and society as a whole.


Provide diverse, demanding and high quality educational opportunities within a safe environment.
Oxford Hills School District mission statement

Oxford Hills School District

Oxford Hills School District implemented a one-of-a-kind renewable energy program and generates interest in “green collar” careers through a guaranteed performance-based solution with Siemens.

Because of the success of our district-wide master facilities plan and our relationship with Siemens, we look forward to continuing our partnership to develop sustainable, high-performance buildings.
John Addleman, Planning and Financial Director

San Dieguito Union HS District

Siemens addresses aging infrastructure and conservation efforts to improve the learning environment for this California school district.

Funding the future with today's energy savings

Many of today’s schools face infrastructure challenges and rising energy costs. Lack of capital and little appetite to take on debt can make improving our schools seem an insurmountable challenge. But by working with Siemens, more and more of today's school districts are funding their futures with energy saving improvement projects.

The speed of our ability to alert people quickly and easily has made everyone relax a bit. We know we can reach them all.
Cathe Mazza, Dean of Students, Kent School

Innovative mass notification ensures students get the message 

Founded in 1906, Kent School is a private, college preparatory school located next to the Housatonic River in northwestern Connecticut. Total enrollment for the co-ed institution is 570, of which 520 live on campus. The grounds of Kent School span 1,200 acres, and comprise 6 dormitories, 10 instructional buildings and a wide range of athletic and recreational facilities, including an equestrian center, a boathouse, and over 10 miles of biking and cross-country trails.

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