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Serenity. Security. SIDRIVE IQ

Your drive systems are at the heart of your industrial production. And like the heart, the less you notice them, the better. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to know for sure that everything is okay?
Digitalization for medium and high voltage

Keep calm, cool and confident with SIDRIVE IQ

Having good insights into how your drives are running can help you avoid unexpected trouble. Making them part of your digital enterprise with SIDRIVE IQ is the first step to attaining the serenity that comes from the absolute confidence in the health of your medium voltage converters and high voltage motors.
You clearly see which way you need to go to boost productivity, increase availability, and enhance serviceability.
Sebastian Winkler von Mohrenfels, Head of Digital Business, Siemens Large Drives Applications
The formula

SIDRIVE IQ – our holistic solution and service to Industial IoT

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your equipment needs servicing? SIDRIVE IQ gives you exactly that: precise information that gives you choices how you can improve performance and raise productivity to new levels.

Smart Products

With their edge capability, our smart products and systems enable you to turn drive systems into an “IIoT platform device” for interoperability with automation and the application.

Digital Platform

Your path to perfect integration into IoT ecosystems, from scalability and modularity to functional user interaction. For more productivity and availability, faster decisions, and optimized asset management.


Are you ready for the next generation of remote and condition monitoring? Our cloud-based Digital Services by SIDRIVE IQ transfer condition data from the drive train components to the cloud for analysis by our service experts.

Smart Products

Get more from our digitally enabled drive systems

With SIDRIVE IQ, not only can you make better use of our latest motors and drives, but you can also retrofit existing components and unlock the benefits of digitalization. Enjoy the advantages of transferring the data from your SIMOTICS motors and SINAMICS drives to the cloud, where it can be analyzed with the comprehensive functionality of our digital platform.

Digital Platform

Better performance with digital solutions

Our digital platform consists of SIDRIVE IQ Suite, our analytical platform, and our two mobile apps SIDRIVE IQ View (using augmented reality) and SIDRIVE IQ Troubleshoot for supporting your maintenance work.





  • With SIDRIVE IQ Suite, you benefit from a powerful dashboard, minimize unplanned downtimes with automated failure notifications, improve your data transparency with easy access to recent and historical data – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • SIDRIVE IQ Troubleshoot provides a list of possible root causes for a number of common faults and allows you to pinpoint the fault based on detailed video and text information, as well as inform your service technician, if necessary.
  • With SIDRIVE IQ View you get a realistic impression of your configured high voltage motor or/and medium voltage drive with augmented reality.


Customized services for every need

To provide you with optimum support in your work, we have put together two digital services packages as part of the SIDRIVE IQ formula.
The first package, SIDRIVE IQ Rapid Response, is all about getting your equipment up and running again as quickly as possible. The second package, SIDRIVE IQ Guided Supervision, is a service package specifically for continuous monitoring.


  • Our Digital Services are not limited to individual applications but cover the entire drive train.
  • SIDRIVE IQ Rapid Response helps you by providing cloud-based alerts and direct support for rapid troubleshooting, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a response time of only 1 to 2.5 hours.
  • SIDRIVE IQ Guided Supervision monitors known weak spots and provides timely warnings of impending failures based on continuous cloud- and expert-based health monitoring.

SIDRIVE IQ in your industry

Wherever large drives are required, SIDRIVE IQ is the right tool for mastering their processes and reaping the benefits of digitalization. Profit from the trinity of smart products, optimized plant designs and digital services, enabled by SIDRIVE IQ, and allowing for proactive choices you trust. No matter if you are working in chemicals, power generation, minerals, oil and gas or any other industry – SIDRIVE IQ will take your business to a whole new level of transparency and efficiency.