Leveraging Distributed Energy Systems to thrive in the Energy Transition

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We are in the midst of an energy transition

A transition that is driven by the need to de-carbonize and increase sustainability, improve efficiency and enhance reliability and resilience. 


Utilities and commercial and industrial customers are turning to distributed energy systems (DES) as an answer for their power resource challenges. DES encompasses energy generation and storage close to the load, with both local and remote monitoring and control solution technologies. The maturity of distributed energy resources (DERs) and digitalization via automation and smart grid technology is at an intersecting point on the growth curve to trigger this transition.


Distributed energy system solutions are quickly offering alternatives that can turn these challenges into opportunities to save costs, increase reliability, and reduce emissions. With a proven track record in business transformation and the industry's most comprehensive portfolio from generation all the way to consumption including storage, Siemens Canada is your trusted partner helping you navigate the energy transition.

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On October 17, 2019, MaRS Partnerships and Siemens Canada are hosting a panel discussion on leveraging distributed energy systems (DES) - integrated energy generation, storage, monitoring and control solutions to thrive in the evolving energy sector. Panelists will share their diverse perspectives on:

  • the role of DES in a decarbonized economy;
  • investment and implementation strategies for DES;
  • the impact of data and digitalization on energy use and management; and
  • the return on investment from adopting DES tech.

More and more, utilities and customers are looking to comprehensive DES solutions for cost savings, avoided energy infrastructure upgrades and investments, increased grid resiliency and reliability, and reduced environmental and carbon impact.

Our panel will talk about the challenges and opportunities of implementing the latest DES tech.

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