Rear Connected Low Voltage Switchgear

Rear Connected Low Voltage Switchgear

Reliable and safe solution for power distribution systems

Reliability and safety are the two most important criteria in the proper functioning of a power distribution system, but both can be compromised if an electrical fault occurs. By integrating the right low voltage switchgear, greater reliability and safer operation can be achieved in the power distribution system. Siemens type WL low voltage metal-enclosed switchgear is designed, constructed and tested to provide superior power distribution, power monitoring, and control.  At the heart of the product is the world class WL breaker. The WL breaker has a proven performance track record of proven technology and quality. 

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Features & Benefits:

  •  Best-in-class pre-sales application and post-sales customer support
  •  Best-in-class arc flash mitigation solutions
  •  Modular design for maximum configuration flexibility
  •  Control and communication termination area located in front of equipment and segregated from power cable termination area that is located in rear of equipment
  •  Front accessible vertical and horizontal wiring channels
  •  No heat sinks on breaker or bus
  •  Three levels of horizontal bus through 5000 amps
  •  Breaker racking handle integral to the breaker
  •  All breaker settings and displays clearly visible with breaker door closed
  •  Field installable “drop in place” accessories and trip units
  •  Same accessories work for entire breaker line
  •  ModBus, ProfiBus and Ethernet communication
  •  Field installable ground fault protection and zone selective interlock
  •  Rogowski coil current sensors provide high metering accuracy and prevent saturation at high current levels

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