P Series Lighting Panels

P Series Lighting Panels

A stepped approach to power distribution

This generation of panelboards from Siemens offers the high level of engineering and innovation you’ve come to expect from the leader in power distribution technology. Engineered specifically to provide maximum flexibility, these designs simplify wiring and reduce material requirements making them easier to install and less costly than competitive products.

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P Series lighting panel features include Fas-Latch trim, which is popular among installers; the jacking screw system, that permits adjustments even after wiring has been installed; our exclusive split neutral, and much more.

About our Panels and Breakers

Next Gen P1 Panels - Lighting and Appliance Applications

Featuring the industry’s most adaptable designs, the Next Gen P1 panel virtually eliminates common errors, such as feed direction, and main lug versus main breaker. Increasing distribution is simplified by the ability to add feed-thru lugs.

  • Maximum voltage of 600Y/347V
  • System options include 1PH 2W, 1PH 3W, 3PH 3W, and 3PH 4W
  • 125A-400A Main Lugs
  • 100A-400A Main Breaker
  • 18 through 66 Circuits
  • 15-125A Branch Ratings
  • Subfeed area that allows for the installation of a subfeed breaker (250A Max.), SPD, or feed-thru lugs
  • Available in several enclosure types (General Purpose, Weatherproof, etc.)
  • Can be offered with smaller enclosures and no subfeed option for flexibility
  • Aluminum or Copper Bus Material
  • Available as Unassembled and Factory Assembled


P2 Panelboards – Lighting and Appliance Applications

Flexibility is the hallmark of the P2 panel. This panel offers a wide array of factory assembled options to meet almost all lighting panel applications. With this design, the ability to mix breaker frames in a unit space of up to 250A will also meet many distribution panel requirements in a much smaller package.

  • Maximum Voltage of 600VAC and 250VDC
  • System options include 1PH 2W, 1PH 3W, 3PH 3W, and 3PH 4W
  • 125A-600A Main Lugs Amperage
  • 100A-600A Main Breaker Amperage
  • 18 through 90 Circuits
  • 15-225A Branch Ratings
  • 250A Max Subfeed Breaker
  • Aluminum or Copper Bus Material
  • Available as Unassembled and Factory Assembled


P3 Lighting Panels - Lighting, Appliance, and Distribution Applications

The P3 Panel is an innovative and smaller footprint distribution panel made to fit many applications that require more (or larger) branch devices than the lighting panel class can offer. This panel provides a wide array of factory-assembled options and can mix breaker frames in a unit space that is up to 250A.

  • Maximum Voltage of 600VAC and 250VDC
  • System options include 1PH 2W, 1PH 3W, 3PH 3W, and 3PH 4W
  • 400A-800A Main Lugs
  • 400A-600A Main Breaker
  • 18 through 90 Circuits
  • 15-225A Branch Ratings
  • 400A Max Subfeed Breaker
  • Factory Assembled




P Series Type
Main Lugs
Main Breaker
Interior Branch Ratings
Subfeed Branch Ratings
250A Max.
250A Max.
400A Max.


Lug kits and breaker mounting kits for many different applications and purposes can be offered for our panelboards. Many replacement parts and accessories can also be offered including bonding kits, insulated ground buses, and filler plates.

Additional Features

Siemens Integral TPS3 series surge protectors are factory-installed SPDs mounted within our standard distribution equipment. The results are some of the industry’s best “installed” Voltage Protection Ratings. 

Siemens power monitors combine the best of new technologies and proven practices. Monitor critical loads, power quality, and demand via the web directly from the meters. These systems from Siemens are complete enterprise solutions that help you manage the energy costs and availability of your business. 

The Siemens Embedded Micro Metering Module (SEM3) is a modular metering solution for energy monitoring, data analysis, and sub billing applications. The flexible design allows for low, medium, and high density metering requirements to be met efficiently and economically using only a few standardized components.

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