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Siemens Canada offers a full line of one and three-phase, ventilated, dry-type transformers designed to meet the highest industry standards for quality in the commercial, industrial, and OEM markets. Building on years of experience in engineering and design comes a product portfolio that is guaranteed to provide the high-efficiency and reliability that you are looking for.

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Standard Distribution for Commercial Applications

  • Primary Voltage of 480V or 600V
  • Secondary Voltages of 120/240V 1PH or 208Y/120V 3PH
  • 15kVA to 250kVA options for 1PH
  • 15kVA to 450kVA options for 3PH
  • Aluminium or Copper windings
  • 150ºC temperature rise
  • Standard impedance at 60Hz
  • 220°C insulation class
  • Lugs provided with transformer up to 225kVA for 3PH units and 250kVA for 1PH units
  • Standard NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Meets NRCan C802 energy efficiency requirements


Installation made fast and easy

Lighting, Industrial, and Commercial Applications

  • Used for Industrial Plants, Hospitals, Utilities, Oil & Gas, etc.
  • Primary Voltage of 480V or 600V
  • Secondary voltages of 120/240V 1PH, 208Y/120V 3PH, 240Y/139V 3PH, or 480Y/277V 3PH
  • Special voltages for domestic or export applications
  • 15kVA to 250kVA for 1PH and 15kVA to 500kVA for 3PH
  • Aluminum or Copper windings
  • 150°C Temperature Rise and 220°C Insulation Class
  • Operating frequencies at 60Hz with other options available
  • K-Ratings
  • Made or engineered to order with customizable options
  • Standard NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Meets NRCan C802 energy efficiency requirements


Features and Benefits

  • Additional Options including 80°C and 115°C temperature rise, electrostatic shield, custom bus bar, and temperature probes
  • Termination lugs provided with transformer through 75 kVA
  • Space-saving design for easy handling and installation
  • Quiet operation and adequate ventilation 
  • Staggered front loop taps for easy connection
  • Epoxy Vacuum Impregnated (EVI)

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Offering a wide range of accessories for both industrial and commercial transformers, we have the additions and options that you need.


Accessory Offerings:

  • Anti-vibration Pads
  • Wall Mounting Brackets for different kVAs

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