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The Siemens VersiCharge line of Electric Vehicle Charging systems is the industry’s most flexible and versatile offering. Providing residential and semi-public options, these level 2 and level 3 charging stations offer unparalleled usability, safety, energy management, and affordability for plug-in electric vehicles.

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COMING SOON! New Residential VersiCharge

The upcoming VersiCharge AC series, in its 3rd generation, is the result of continuous development and improvement of EV chargers for nearly ten years. This state-of-the-art product matches the needs and expectations of today's growing demand for fast, safe and efficient eMobility solutions.

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Level 2 Chargers

VC30GRYHW - Home and Multi-Family Applications

  • NEMA 1 - Indoor Use Only Enclosure
  • 14ft Long Cable
  • 30A Amperage
  • Hardwired Installation

VC30GRYU – Home, Multi-Family, and Fleet Applications

  • NEMA 4 - Outdoor Rated Enclosure
  • 20ft Cable
  • 30A Amperage
  • Universal (Plug in or Hardwired) Installation

VCSG30GRYUW – Home, Multi-Family, and Fleet Applications

  • Wi-Fi and CTA2045 module included to enable communication through Siemens Cloud
  • Monitor and control charging status, charging schedule, and power level through a Smart Phone App or via provided web pages
  • Built in metering captures real time power usage data for easy to understand metrics
  • NEMA 4 - Outdoor Rated Enclosure
  • 20ft Cable
  • 30A Amperage
  • Universal (Plug in or Hardwired) Installation

VCSG30GCPUW – Utilities, Public, or Fleet Billings Applications

  • Smart Grid Capabilities of Wi-Fi VersiCharge
  • Built in OCPP 1.6 protocol used for EV System management software like Siemens eCar OC
  • Payment via App or Web page
  • NEMA 4 - Outdoor Rated Enclosure
  • 20ft Cable
  • 30A Amperage
  • Universal (Plug in or Hardwired) Installation

VersiCharge Ultra™ - Level 3 Chargers

The slim design, integrated transformer, and patented liquid-cooling of our VersiCharge Ultra Level 3 Chargers allows for easy Plug to Grid startup along with maximum product life for commercial, government, as well as residential applications.


  • 50kW Power Rating
  • Patented liquid cooling system keeps the footprint small and lightweight
  • Dual cord design can accommodate one CCS plug and one CHAdeMO plug for maximum flexibility
  • Communication via 3G/4G wireless or ethernet wired
  • Options include built-in credit card reader, RFID, and large display 
  • IP65 rated enclosure
  • OCPP compliant
  • Can be custom wrapped to reflect customer branding
  • Produced in North America


Increasing the flexibility of installations and networking, the VersiCharge family can incorporate many different options.

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