SICHARGE portfolio


Modular charging solution for eFleets

Designed for you

Powerful and reliable, SICHARGE UC offers 150 kW (or up to 600 kW) of flexible charging solutions for buses, trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles, whether charging at a depot or en route. It offers you fast, secure charging, interoperability, and lower installation costs.

Benefits and features

Choosing the right configuration for you

Keeping an electric fleet charged and running efficiently requires the distribution of high power in an intelligent way. The SICHARGE UC provides the right technical solutions for your needs, whether looking for depot or opportunity charging.

SICHARGE UC solutions

Modular charging system designed for you

SICHARGE’s sleek, compact design fits into a variety of configurations making the best use of limited space, whether looking for charging solutions for buses, trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles. Each SiCharge UC cabinet can power up to four charging dispensers with easy installation, including plug-in or pantograph options. With SICHARGE UC you can combine power cabinets to achieve up to 600 kW of DC power. AC incoming and DC outgoing cabinets dramatically reduces the installation cost. This feature reduces infrastructure costs by limiting the number of AC input feeds required for multiple cabinets.

Charging center

The Charging Center is the core of the system.

The Charging Center can power CCS1 cable-based dispensers or J3105 inverted Pantographs.

SICHARGE UC can connect up to four pantographs, or dispensers and allows for dynamic sequential charging. It can also be connected to liquid cooled dispensers with up to 500A or compatible pantograph connections with up to 800A for ultra-high-power charging. SICHARGE UC charging center can adapt to your individual project specific needs.

The Charging Center has a high degree of protection NEMA 3R against dust and spray water, an emergency stop button, and large doors for easy maintenance access. 

Dispenser plug-in connection

The cable-connected Dispenser of the UC family is installed close to the vehicle's, connection point with a small footprint and elegant design. For investment and space optimization, four dispensers can be powered in sequence by a single Charging Center.

Liquid cooled cables as an option can be installed in the same dispenser housing, increasing charging power up to 500 A.

For the air-cooled version up to 200 A we offer wall-mounted dispenser variants along with the floor-mounted options.

The plug-in dispenser has a multilingual 7” outdoor touchscreen display at an ergonomic height, accessible and easy to read even in bright sunlight and offers an optional 360-degree LED light. 

Inverted pantograph for charging with external panto

MastPanto - urban design

MastPanto - industrial design

The inverted Pantograph is a fully automated option to connect to the vehicle e.g. charging opportunities along the route or in a depot.

Siemens offers two versions that integrate perfectly into the cityscape. Whether you choose traditional industrial design or modern urban design, you will get your mast delivered fully preinstalled, electrically checked, and equipped with the Pantograph.

Beyond charging

Managing your fleet – From planning to operation

Optimize your charging infrastructure with our cloud-based services and support throughout the entire lifecycle of your chargers to maintain uptime and greatest availability of your chargers.


  • Intelligent planning: Siemens supports your depot electrification beginning with the expert consultancy and depot planning and includes the charging simulation.
  • Smart infrastructure: benefit from our comprehensive charging portfolio which includes DC and AC equipment, as well as advanced solutions for the power connection of your site.
  • Managing operations: Siemens' cloud-based suite offers everything you need to manage charging of your electric fleet intelligently and efficiently.
  • Rely on us – we care: During the whole lifecycle our cloud-based service packages look after your chargers to ensure maximum availability of your fleet.