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  • of all data leaks are caused by only 9 known types of attack

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Smart Security

Security for the digital rail world

Railways are and will remain the safest means of transportation. With the growth in digitalization, Rail security – protection from physical interventions and IT tampering – is in more demand than ever. With a comprehensive concept, Siemens Mobility Services will help you to make your systems as safe as possible.

On the safe track – thanks to multi-level Rail security concept

A route network covering 38,000 kilometers, nearly 9,000 train stations and stops, almost 3,500 interlockings, and 70,000 switches and crossings:* in Germany alone, the size of the rail infrastructure is impressive. And there are many starting points where you can make operation management, maintenance, asset management, and many other areas more modern, economical, and efficient with the help of digitalization. 

To effectively protect the networked system along with the rapidly growing data volumes against manipulations, the Rail security portfolio from Siemens Mobility Services offers you a multi-level modular concept.

The first step includes a professional Rail security analysis of the status quo of your system. If desired, Mobility Services also performs penetration tests: To do this, our specialists simulate a hacker attack. Based on the results of these tests, weak points in the systems can be eliminated and recommendations for corrective actions can be provided. Continuous monitoring allows us to identify and report relevant Rail security incidents – for example with special software solutions that detect any signs of fraudulent manipulation. Furthermore, Mobility Services supports you through Rail security training with regard to the monitoring of personnel, processes and technology.

*Source: KRITIS-Sektorstudie 2015

Security has many aspects

Security starts with the password

Security starts with the password: Rail security trainings raise awareness among employees about the creation of secure passwords and careful password handling.

Familiar patterns work. For the time being.

Familiar patterns work. For the time being. It is high time for appropriate improvement measures such as system hardening, process optimization, employee trainings, and the installation of security technologies.

On the safe side with Siemens Mobility Services

You can use our Rail security concept modularly – always with the added value of our in-depth knowledge of rail systems. Upon request you will initially receive a professional evaluation of your status quo. With your permission, as part of a penetration test our specialists can simulate an intrusion into your system – and reveal any open doors before they are discovered by uninvited cyber guests. If necessary, we harden your system, eliminate vulnerabilities, and install security technologies. We use special software solutions to detect and report events relevant to Rail security during operation. In addition, Siemens Mobility Services offers trainings on topics such as personnel, processes, and technology. With the Siemens Rail Academy, an experienced partner is at your disposal.

“Others may know how to make PCs more secure – but Siemens knows the importance of each individual component in the signaling system. Only Siemens as a manufacturer can evaluate the system and implement changes that do not influence the proof of safety. And if changes are necessary that would require a renewal of this proof, we can implement them as we would with new installations.”
Jürgen Kott, Siemens Mobility, head of the Support Center Rail Automation

Rail Security Training

The Mobility Academy offers various trainings to get the participants an overview about Cyber Security in general and in the rail environment. They get to know the Holistic Security Concept and the implementation for signalling and control systems.

Siemens Mobility Academy

Rail security with increasing value

Security for carefree travel and passengers who enjoy riding the rails on a regular basis: According to an up-to-date study, in 2015 only 25% of entrepreneurs viewed IT security as a competitive advantage rather than a cost factor – by 2018 that figure is expected to grow to 59%.

Cyber Defence Technology

Strategic partnership brings cutting-edge cyber defense technology to the rail domain

The number of cyber attacks is growing steadily. As we want to protect our customers from them, we are developing Cyber Security services together with Darktrace, one of the leading providers of Industrial Immune System. The expertise of both companies complements each other: Darktrace provides the expertise in cyber AI technologies and Siemens Mobility Services provides the know-how for security in railway operations.

To keep our customers one step ahead of cyber attacks, we use continuous state-of-the-art monitoring supported by machine learning and AI.

These systems monitor network traffic in order to detect anomalies and intrusions. These anomalies and suspicious incidents are evaluated by a service team consisting of a Cyber Security Operations Center which is backed up by 2nd and 3rd level expert support and which help customers resolve potential issues.


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