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SITRAIN Canada helps industrial clients to leverage their biggest asset – their employees. By investing in technical skills training, clients can reduce downtime and improve productivity. Our courses are delivered by certified trainers and focus on practical procedures and maintenance techniques to give your employees the necessary knowledge to keep your operation running smoothly. We offer a schedule of classes in English and French, delivered through the use of written material, lectures, and hands-on simulators for practical skills development. We can customize course content to specific applications and deliver it onsite. Through SITRAIN Canada, clients also have access to a broad range of online learning opportunities.

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Sitrain Canada's InPerson trainings have reopened as of August 10, 2020.  We are looking forward to seeing our customers again and have implemented additional safety guidelines to support a safe and comfortable training environment.  Our safety protocol includes, mandatory masks, review and completion of Visitor Protocol and Visitor Registration form, 6ft social distancing, hand sanitization and disinfectant wipes station in each of our training rooms in addition to enhanced daily cleaning measures. 

Reduced class sizes with 1:1 demo equipment pairing in our standard trainings, and where there is 2:1 demo equipment sharing, there are gloves available or hand sanitizer and cleaning per registrant usage. We have temporarily suspended catering services during this time, but welcome registrants to bring a bagged lunch or additional time provided to pick up something from nearby take out places.  Our customers/trainers wellbeing is our top priority!  


We invite you to visit our website to support your InPerson scheduled trainings, Virtual instructor led learning and resources.  We offer Anytime Digital Training through: 

  • Online Self-paced Learning
  • How-to Video Library
  • Virtual Instructor led
  • quickstep Online courses, and
  • our new Sitrain Access subscription learning.

    Visit to access the Anytime Digital Training and other resources information.  

    Should you have any questions about how to register, please contact:   
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SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy helps manufacturers evaluate their workforce and design training programs to improve knowledge and skills. The process begins with a skills assessment of your workforce. Once we identify the skills gaps, the next step is to design a learning program that meets your needs. 

Get to know the three subdivided areas of SITRAIN:  SITRAIN Open, SITRAIN Personal and SITRAIN Access, where you can always find the right knowledge – whenever, wherever and however you want it.

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Custom & Onsite

SITRAIN Canada offers flexibility in In-Person training whether you are interested in attending one of our open enrollment courses or prefer to book your own class at one of our Siemens locations or host onsite.  We can assist you with these options.  


Open Enrollment Classes – Scheduled In-Person Trainings:  We invite you visit our website for our scheduled trainings, locations, descriptions and fees:


Custom Classes:  While we are proud to offer standard course content developed by Siemens; we also recognize that many clients require customized course content suited to their specific skills, application, and need.  We have successfully modified courses for many industrial disciplines, including automotive, aerospace, and food and beverage.  Custom courses may include a minor tweak in content, or completely revamped literature.  All customized courses are discussed directly with the client and the instructor to ensure the client’s specific requirements are met. Depending on the client’s needs, we also offer flexibility on delivery to meet specific shift schedules, or to condense course content into a specific timeframe.


Onsite Classes:  SITRAIN Canada offers courses at our head office in Oakville, ON.  We can also work with clients in our Montreal, QC, Calgary, AB and our partner facility in Edmonton, AB offices.  However, there are many advantages to conducting training onsite.


As a rule of thumb, classes involving six or more students are generally more cost-effective when delivered at a client’s site, if a suitable training space is available.  Students who must travel to Siemens for training can incur an additional $2,000 per week in food and lodging expenses, over and above the tuition cost. If training is held at a client site, there is also an opportunity to customize course content to the client’s specific needs.

Contact us for more information on a custom course, quote or questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All equipment is provided.

Yes, we are happy to customize a course for you. Our Senior Trainer will work specifically with you on the course content.

Cost for a custom or onsite class depends on many factors. Contact us to discuss your requirements and request a quote.

Our course materials are designed for in-class instruction. We do not sell our training materials.

We are happy to work with you on demo requirements. Please contact us to get a quote. 

Please see our cancellation policy.

 Yes, you may enroll in courses in foreign countries. Please see this link for more information or contact us.

Sitrain offers multiple online training options. Please visit Sitrain Canada – Anytime Digital Learning to view course offerings.

Please visit Course Descriptions and navigate to the course you’re interested in.

If the course is part of the SITRAIN Canada curriculum, it will be listed on our website. If there are no upcoming classes listed, please fill in the online information request and you will be notified when the next session is scheduled. If the course does not appear in the SITRAIN Canada curriculum, we can find the course offered in another country for you. Contact us for assistance.

Our trainers are frequently engaged in teaching courses either at Siemens or at a customer site. You may email your question to Sitrain Canada – Anytime Digital Learning and we will do our best to get you an answer as soon as possible.

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