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Grid Edge

Solutions at the grid edge enable buildings, infrastructures and industries to optimize their energy efficiency. They empower customers to intelligently integrate renewables and to take control of their energy supply. 

Date:           June 15, 2022

Time:            2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT

Language:   English      

Companies are under more pressure than ever to reach their sustainability targets. With the changing energy landscape, business leaders often struggle to unite multiple sustainability initiatives. A common approach is to identify potential improvement areas and implement individual silo initiatives to deal with them. This creates operational inefficiencies, making it more challenging for leaders to launch a coordinated effort to meet sustainability targets. By bringing together diverse initiatives on energy efficiency, renewable resources and CO2 emissions under a single unified program, companies can ensure that projects are in sync and optimised for maximum impact.

Siemens’ Grid Edge software solutions allows business to unite sustainability initiatives under a single layer of software, allowing you to reach net zero faster and more cost-effectively.

Our Panelist

Adrian Turner

Adrian Turner

Software Business Developer

Grid Software

Siemens Canada

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