Data center infrastructure management

Data center infrastructure management

DCIM – data center management, automation and control

As organizations look to increase profitability by focusing efforts on their core businesses and expertise, colocation data centers are becoming an increasingly popular option. They offer the flexibility, scalability and reliability needed without repeated capital investments.

Optimized efficiencies and smarter decisions for data centers

The DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) solution Datacenter Clarity LC links facility management with IT management and integrates information from subsystems. This could be energy management, building management, fire safety, infrastructure monitoring, server racks, zones and floors, data storage systems, and switches and routers. 

Bridging the gap between IT and facility management is an essential component to business success in a data center. With advanced monitoring and management solutions, you can ensure demand control and provide transparency for all mission-critical facilities.


The data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution Datacenter Clarity LC™ * provides the appropriate tools and allows you to accurately and efficiently manage your infrastructure based on informed decisions.

By delivering the right information at the right time, the solution ensures the highest level of availability and allows you to make better decisions. Clarity LC creates a basis for optimized efficiencies by integrating information from IT and facility assets. Through future-proof architecture based on building technology expertise and market-proven solutions, this data center management solution provides higher flexibility and helps you to hedge risks. What’s more, the modular design and functionalities of this easy-to-integrate solution open the door for demand-based planning and financing.


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