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Machining Process Quality 

100% In-Process Quality Control


  • Analyze MyWorkpiece / Capture: High frequency data capturing
  • Analyze MyWorkpiece / Monitor: Process-parallel quality monitoring
  • Analyze MyWorkpiece / Vision (ab 2021): AI-based workpiece recognition for quality




Process Stability

100% Technical Availability


  • Analyze MyMachine / Condition: Condition analytics
  • Spindle monitoring based on HF data (ab 2021): Predictive maintenance for spindles

Process efficiency

100% Leverage of Available Machining Knowledge and Capability


  • Optimize MyMachining / Trochoidal: Extend tool lifetime by trochoidal milling
  • Optimize MyMachining / Magazine: Magazine optimization
  • Optimize MyMachining / CAP Monitor (ab 2021): Drilling hole monitoring and documentation
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