Why Siemens?

We asked our employees what they would show if they were about to create an Employer Branding film about Siemens. Here are the results.
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Where talented professionals change the world

We create smart, sustainable buildings, research the mobility of the future, and work hand in hand with artificial intelligence. We work with you to develop the things that will be important tomorrow. We are therefore constantly looking for professionals and talents with inspiration, passion and progressive thinking.
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The people leading the way to a smarter future

Companies don’t move the world forward, people do. Meet some of our 293,000 innovators creating a new vision for the next generation.
We shape the future

We make real what matters

Digitization is shaping the way we think and act. It is driving innovations that are fundamentally changing our economy and our society. With daily 39 patents registered, we are at the forefront of these changes, helping to make our world a little better every day. Below we have shared some examples of how we shape the future together with our clients.
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We’re creating groundbreaking technologies from smart factories and smart grid concepts to flexible manufacturing systems that use lightweight robots and 3D printers. Find out how you can be a part of what’s to come.

More than 200 countries and counting

We create the innovations that matter in almost every country on the planet. Take a look at some of our locations around the world.


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