Many Roads Lead to Rome – but Only One Leads to Siemens

Our three-step process: full speed ahead for your dream job.
Three steps to an apprenticeship

Three steps to an apprenticeship

To help steer you onto the right track and support you on your journey towards an apprenticeship contract, we’ve put together the following valuable information and tips. 

Step one: information

Use our tips to find out what suits you, and read about the training opportunities we offer. Still unsure which career path appeals to you? Maybe our ideas can help you discover the answer. And if you already have some notion of your direction of travel, it’s well worth reading up on our company and the training opportunities available.

Step two: applying

If you think we’re a good match and you’re sure a particular career path is for you, it’s time to apply! This section will tell you everything you need to consider when making your application.

Step three: presentation

Get your presentation right and that’s half the battle, so here are a few interview tips. Getting invited to an interview is already a major step forward. Having got this far, you should not only aim to help us get a better idea of you but also get to know us better too.


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