For university students looking to gain experience and make valuable connections

How about gaining initial professional experience during your degree and having the opportunity to look over the shoulders of proven specialists, thereby laying the foundations for your professional career? Welcome to Siemens Switzerland.
During your degree

Establish valuable contacts

Do you have a technical background (computer science, engineering, or natural sciences) or have you graduated with a non-technical degree? And are you looking to launch your career without leaving anything to chance? Then we would like to get to know you better. Here, talented and ambitious students are given diverse opportunities to gain initial practical experience and at the same time establish valuable contacts for their professional careers later on. 

Use the diverse opportunities

The following short-term employment opportunities allow you to gain a deep insight into the working world:
Why You Should Choose Siemens

Good reasons for joining us

There are many reasons for committing yourself to Siemens:

  • You will be given the chance to combine theory with practice and gain valuable experience, thereby deepening your knowledge and laying the foundations for your professional career.
  • You will have the opportunity to establish a dense network of contacts with over 100 students at Siemens through the Siemens Student Association (SSA). Moreover, there will be various chances to engage in discussion beyond college and courses of study.
  • You will get to find out more about one of the most exciting companies in the areas of digitalization, automation, and electrification, thereby increasing your chances of being directly employed by us.
Student Videos

Here, you will get to know several of our students and their tasks at Siemens better:

Here, students answer questions about their experiences and adventures at Siemens:

Siemens Student Association (SSA)

Stay in active contact with like-minded people

Are you looking to expand your network? Become a member of the Siemens Student Association (SSA). Within the SSA, you can share your experiences and practical knowledge with other talented individuals and celebrate your successes at Siemens together. 

Meet us at your university

Every year, we attend around 30 university events in practically all the regions of Switzerland. We would be pleased to meet you at one of these events. Who knows? Maybe establishing initial noncommittal contact will result in an invitation to an actual interview. We would be rather pleased.
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Event Calendar

University Relations

The Siemens way of building bridges with academia

Permanent give-and-take is the basis of all good relationships. On the one hand, we work together closely with academia and participate in specific research and technology projects. On the other hand, employees of Siemens take up teaching posts at universities. This is how Siemens builds bridges between academia and industry.