"Swimming, cycling and running give me a great deal of energy for the job."

Eva Barnstorf, Marketing Manager for Fire Safety, Zug, Switzerland
Life at Siemens

How to reconcile his private life plans and professional ambitions.

"Nine-to-five jobs were never my thing. As an enthusiastic multidiscipline athlete, I train every day to stay fit and keep up with the pace for swimrun events. If you like doing sport as much as I do, you want an employer that supports this passion. Thanks to mobile working, I have the best of both worlds – I perform better both when I am doing sport and in my job."

Conventional working models are increasingly coming under pressure. The reasons for that are obvious: society is undergoing a demographic transformation. We are continue to get older, our ecological awareness is increasing all the time, and, thanks to digitalization, our mobility and flexibility continues to grow. The boundaries between work and private life are blurring. This is resulting in completely new ways of life that are having an effect on working models. 

Flexible working hours have a performance-improving effect.

"It was four years ago when I discovered the sport of swimrun as a triathlete. I started in the mixed category along with my partner. I swim and run daily – often several times a day even,” explains Eva Barnstorf. "In order to do justice to my sporting and professional ambitions, I need an employer that supports me in every respect.”


Since at Siemens the success of the employees is what matters and not attendance time, mobile working is the solution. "Thanks to flexible working hours, I am in a position to ideally combine the different areas, such as sport, work and my private life.” That is also of benefit to my employer. "Because sport gives me a great deal of energy for everyday life.”

My favorite discipline in building services – fire safety.

Eva Barnstorf works as Marketing Manager for Fire Safety at the Smart Infrastructure, Global Headquarters in Zug. "I come from the tourism and hotel management sector and have several years of experience working in communication and event agencies – in that sense, I have experience of putting out fires," says Eva Barnstorf smiling. She is responsible for the communication with the countries and regions, supports these in rolling out new products such as Cerberus FIT and Cerberus PRO, and plans trade fairs and conferences. "Fire safety is a very emotional and exciting area since we are protecting people and buildings," adds Eva Barnstorf. 


She joined Siemens after an extended career break. Both of her uncles worked for Siemens their whole lives and enthused about the international environment, the varied development opportunities, and the sporting possibilities. "It was obvious I should apply immediately!"

In December 2016 a new dimension was added to my lifestyle – I am now the mom of a daughter. So, three people in my family now benefit from my flexible working hours. And from a modern employer.
Eva Barnstorf, Marketing Manager for Fire Safety, Zug, Switzerland

Mobile working is a mark of confidence.

Working at home or on the move requires a healthy bond of trust between employees and superiors. "I plan my training sessions carefully, block time for my runs at midday, or leave earlier and log in again later. By doing this, I am communicating openly and transparently – that is important for it to work optimally for both sides," specifies Eva Barnstorf. "In December 2016 a new dimension was added to my lifestyle – I am now the mom of a daughter. So, three people in my family now benefit from my flexible working hours. And from a modern employer."

Mobile working supports work-life balance.

Eva Barnstorf is a good example of how hobbies, work and private life can be reconciled, thereby enabling the work-life balance to be gotten right. This will not only keep her healthy, fit, and motivated throughout her working life but also possibly enable her to fulfill a private dream: "Once in my lifetime, I would like to take part in the ÖTILLÖ world championships in Sweden. It is an innovative swimrun competition that promotes teamwork, gives priority to environmental issues, and attracts talent from all over the world."


Talking about being healthy and fit, Siemens supports its employees with the health program it developed itself called Healthy & Siemens. In seminars and workshops, the participants are shown concrete ways of positively influencing their well-being and performance. Here, they are advised and supported by a team of sports medicine practitioners, coaches, and sports instructors. Just like Eva Barnstorf, neither do we leave anything to chance when it comes to achieving set goals.