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What we do

Maintenance of services preserve the value of buildings – for a lifetime

Our engineers and technicians ensure day and night that the building services are functioning smoothly, the running costs are minimized, convenience and security are optimized, and energy efficiency is maximized. They thereby make an important contribution for our clients to the preservation of the buildings’ value and the protection of investments – for a building’s entire lifetime.

In the following interview, Roger Studiger, Service Technician at Smart Infrastructure in Volketswil, tells us about his work:

What service maintenance activities do you offer?

We maintain the building service installations of our clients, provide for quick solutions to unexpected faults, and are on call around the clock for emergencies. Our job also includes commissioning installations and the modification of heating/ventilation/cooling systems.

Why are service maintenance activities so important?

The availability of the installations is of prime importance – depending on what type of building it is, it can even be decisive for the success of the company. Here, I’m thinking of hospitals, hotels, and airports. With the latest building automation solution Desigo PX, the program for controlling the heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, for example, is located on a Siemens server. Before going to visit the client, I download this onto my service laptop and establish the connection to the installation once I am with the client. This makes the maintenance and clearing of unexpected malfunctions much more efficient. We conclude with our clients maintenance contracts that guarantee trouble-free operation. Every time maintenance is performed, the whole system is checked and current data (backups) are stored on the Siemens server.

Every breakdown is extremely urgent. Managing to help a client solve a problem gives me a good feeling and real job satisfaction.
Roger Studiger, Service Technician at Smart Infrastructure in Volketswil, Switzerland

How does remote maintenance work?

Our clients value the opportunities remote maintenance provides. It can certainly occur that I am programming software in the office and the dispatcher alerts me to a fault. With a few clicks, I can then access the client installation via the Internet through our CRSP platform.

What fascinates you about your job?

My job is never boring. There is a lot of different work to do that makes my job interesting and varied, for example commissioning a new installation. Depending on the size of the installation, you can be there for weeks or even months; you are hands-on from start to finish, seeing to it that the installation runs trouble-free once the work is done – in that sense, it is kind of your baby. But the unexpected can make the job exciting too, for example a fault that has to be cleared promptly. Managing to help a client solve a problem gives me a good feeling.

Do you also find technology interesting off the job?

One of my big hobbies is flying. In May last year, I acquired my private pilot certificate and have since then been in the air as much as possible. This year, I had a request for five months of unpaid leave authorized and went to Fort Myers in Florida in order to add an instrument flight license to my flying qualifications. Along with flying, I like to go climbing and I exercise twice a week, ski, and enjoy spending time in nature.