Fighting the new fight – Siemens@ETH InCube Challenge 2021 

Saving the world does not take an action hero rippling with muscles, but one thing above all: brainpower. It is the only way to solve the challenges and problems of our time, make people’s lives easier, and bring climate change to a halt. Heroes like that sat in a glass cube in front of ETH Zurich for the 2021 InCube Challenge and they even won! But they are also working at Siemens day after day, striving for a better, more sustainable world.

Five students spending five days shut up in a ‘glass cage’: a pretty good summary of the concept behind the ETH InCube Challenge. Siemens and ETH have been working together for many years, now an innovative solution was sought with the challenge to find an innovative solution that will make people’s lives easier and more energy-efficient. From 11 to 15 October, five students worked on the project in a cube on the ETH Polyterrasse and together pore over how mobility and buildings could be combined with intelligent infrastructure and smart power grids. What are the benefits? How can this energy intelligence be integrated into a wide variety of systems? And what does this mean for the fields of building automation and energy management? At the end of the challenge, the solution was presented to the audience and the students won the jury prize! The team had proposed a solution for autistic people who are often distracted by many things when traveling on public transport. An app that uses augmented reality to depict an animal that accompanies them on their way to the train and gives them directions is intended to help them concentrate.

A springboard for changing the world 

Developing technology with purpose has always been Siemens’ mission and motivation. And to do so, we need people who share this same passion. We therefore promote young talent right from the beginning of their careers and encourage them to seize opportunities. Even before they have finished their studies, they can gain vital contacts and valuable practical experience at Siemens – via an internship, a work placement, or by writing a bachelor’s, master's or diploma thesis. With us, many people thus lay the first vital foundations for their professional careers. And the results are obvious at Siemens: around 40,000 employees are already working in digital jobs. This power means that we have now become one of the ten largest software companies in the world. And sometimes, being a part of this is also something that is worth fighting for. Because your most important professional challenge should always be finding the right task for you to tackle, something that delights, stimulates and inspires you – as that is how to ensure an easier, more pleasant life. And if you can save the world while doing it, so much the better.