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Our offering for Edge Computing: Industrial Edge

The optimal use of data is becoming increasingly important for industry. Many companies have already recognized this fact and are analyzing machine and plant data on industrial PCs using their own software. Although this method delivers a great deal of valuable knowledge, it’s resource-intensive and requires frequent manual updates to ensure that the software, operating system, and cybersecurity are always secure and up to date. With Industrial Edge, everything is easier, more flexible, and more secure – for optimal use of data in the field. Acquire and process data directly and securely at the machine with no latency using your software and a central system for administration, deployment, and updates.
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Edge Computing – from the field to the cloud

Cloud or edge? Thanks to Industrial Edge, there’s no question. You can choose whatever you need.

Benefit from the best of two technologies

With Industrial Edge, you enjoy all the benefits of edge and cloud computing – optimally tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Industrial Edge allows you to analyze all the data at the machine or preprocess it quickly and instantly. The optimized data points can then be transferred more quickly to the cloud where, for example, you have access to more computing power and larger storage capacities. Among other things, this permits a precise analysis of data over longer periods of time. Based on your application, you decide whether and how you want to use the cloud in addition to Industrial Edge.

Benefits of Industrial Edge at a glance

Conventional data processing on the field level is often costly and time-consuming, isn’t very scalable, and isn’t necessarily secure. In this case, Siemens starts with Industrial Edge and brings typical IT standards like central software management to the machine in a way that’s industry-compliant.

Industrial Edge in the “Talking Digital Industries” podcast

Again and again, the advantages and applications of Edge computing are an important topic in “Talking Digital Industries”, the podcast for industry. Tune in and stand up to date!

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Edge Computing for production machines, machine tools, and plants

Production machines, machine tools, and plants place different requirements on the analysis of machine data. That’s why our Industrial Edge offering is specifically tailored to the particular needs.

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Industrial Edge can also simplify secure machine data acquisition and analysis in your company. Contact our experts and find out which solution can enable you to fully utilize the potential of your data.