Shaping the backbone of future energy systems

The increasingly decarbonized, distributed, and digitalized energy landscape creates new challenges for transmission system operators: Both the technical basis and the business processes must be adapted to suit the new conditions. Siemens’ holistic approach ensures that electricity remains available for everyone at all times, safely and reliably.
New challenges

The drivers of change: decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization

Distributed power generation from many, often renewable, sources is increasingly replacing centralized power generation based mainly on fossil energy sources. Digitalization provides the technical basis for this transformation and at the same time acts as a catalyst.

Information technology and operational technology are increasingly converging, and data are now available almost everywhere in the grid. The demanding climate goals that are currently in place, the liberalization of the power markets, and changed consumer behavior are further speeding up this transformation.


In the energy systems of the future, the transmission systems are the backbone that supports everything else. At the same time, they serve as the linking central nervous system for power infrastructures. That’s why grid operators today need economically viable strategies and new business models for the energy world of the future.

Fields of action

Integrated thinking for digitally enabled power infrastructures

Siemens’ holistic approach takes account of the entire value stream from consulting, planning, and simulation to financing, implementation, operation, maintenance, and service. 

It is based on an integrated portfolio of products, solutions, and services for power transmission that makes it possible for transmission system operators to successfully and efficiently deal with the four key challenges: providing the required additional network capacities, upgrading existing assets, optimizing grid operation cost-efficiently, and creating the foundations for lasting economic success.  

Reliable, safe, and efficient in every regard

Integrated thinking keeps you prepared for future challenges, so you can consistently enhance value creation. You can master all technical core tasks efficiently and in a way that offers certainty for the future, while ensuring the best possible security of supply and safeguarding against grid outages. You can also digitally retrofit existing assets, and safely and reliably integrate distributed generation and renewables. Moreover, additional potential for added value can be developed by making the necessary infrastructure and data available to the liberalized energy markets as well as by offering various system services to third parties.


All these activities are based on three pillars.

Project highlights

Sustainable solutions for a safe future

The energy mix is currently changing fundamentally in many places, while the demand for electrical energy keeps increasing rapidly in other parts of the world. Innovative solutions from Siemens provide answers to the various new challenges. Around the world they pave the way for the secure, stable and efficient power transmission of the future today.
The bigger picture

Make efficient use of new opportunities

Transmission systems have become more complex than ever. Integrated solutions from Siemens help you keep everything under control. Both today and in the future, you can ensure your grids operate safely, efficiently, and economically.

Digitalization closes the loop

Integrated solutions for the transmission systems of the future open up many new opportunities for you in terms of future-oriented planning, the optimized operation of transmission systems, and the development of new, contemporary options for the creation of added value in distributed, decarbonized energy systems. 

Data flows and analytics create flexible control loops that enable you to constantly adapt your transmission systems in line with the continuous process of change. 

What the experts say

Digitalization provides the prerequisites for success in an increasingly decarbonized and distributed energy landscape – and it’s gaining momentum. Here’s where you can get first-hand insights from international transmission experts. Learn more about their expectations and experiences with digitally enabled technology in the context of a changing market environment.


Our solutions in practice

Gain an overview of the many and varied projects that have been implemented successfully for transmission systems around the world using solution skills and technology from Siemens.

Whitepaper "Digitalization of energy systems"

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