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We  provide business-to-business financial solutions. Our financial and industry know-how creates customer value and enhances customer competitiveness while building trust in new technologies and facilitating their market launch. Capital-efficient funding for latest technology Extended lease term can provide ‘Cash Neutral’ funding No deposit required to minimise upfront costs* Cost effective alternative to bank funding Energy savings validated by the Carbon Trust

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Financing is playing an increasingly important role in facilitating investments in the areas of energy, industry, healthcare and infrastructure and cities technologies.  
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Our international network of companies and our employees’ extensive financial expertise form the basis for the successful implementation of a wide range of diverse financial projects. Find our regional offers in your country by using the country selector.  Our financial products reflect the needs and expectations of our customers both inside and outside Siemens.
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We capitalize on the fact that we know our customers’ markets not only from research, but also from years of first-hand experience gained as a part of Siemens. This is the foundation on which we can build to create solutions that help our customers become even more successful in their markets.

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All of our financial solutions are based on deep asset expertise in a variety of markets, and help to facilitate investments in these business fields. 

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