Global Business Services

Global Business Services

As a Partner of Choice, we enable greater entrepreneurial freedom to help our customers to become best in their industries.
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Focus. Accountability. Adaptability.

We responsibly and reliably manage business services to free up resources for our customers so they can focus on their core activities. In this way, we maximize flexibility in the business to enable our customers to quickly adjust to specific business challenges and market needs.
Our excellence in execution

We support our customers with expertise-driven services

Global Business Services (GBS) innovates, designs, transforms and efficiently operates business services for Siemens units and external customers.
The needs of our customers are constantly changing and growing. With our deep service and process know-how, we at Global Business Services anticipate those needs and turn business challenges into opportunities.”
Hannes Apitzsch, CEO of Siemens Global Business Services

Discover how our domain knowledge helps reimagine your key processes

We move business and people 

Our unique expertise in business services creates valuable impact specific to your needs. As process experts we guide you and deliver transformational outcomes. Discover how we innovate and use all digital opportunities to find the perfect solution for you.

Our expertise

Partner of Choice

We are proud to draw on 15 years of experience in Shared Services. Throughout the years, we have extended our global delivery network and constantly optimized our operations. We are passionate about providing smart and digital end-to-end solutions through our powerful global internal and external network, and attracting the best people as an employer of choice.

We apply our 15 years of experience in Shared Services business, proven by numerous references and use cases. We offer services on demand with competitive pricing and variable costing. Our global delivery network is optimized for language and customer proximity. We trust in the latest state-of-the-art technologies and innovative digitalization platforms. Our portfolio offers numerous opportunities to scale up with additional services.

This period in our history was shaped by our development of new innovative services and our investment in knowledge-driven services. We implemented new technologies such as Robotics and Business Process Management and a multi-functional service delivery model that operated in silos. It was a time that also brought the implementation of the first end-to-end processes. 

The next steps started with a strongly customer-oriented approach, in which customer and user feedback was collected in our first surveys. Our global delivery centers ensured that our services were delivered worldwide. Our structural setup enabled us to gain economies of scale for highly transactional services, at that time for not just one but three different functions. During this phase, we concentrated on reaching the next level in terms of improvements and automation.

Our journey started with some regional, fragmented Shared Services. It was a time when no central delivery model existed. In 2006, different Shared Services were pooled under one roof while strong governance was still in place over business support services. In 2009, a new Managing Board mandate led to different bundling projects and consequently increased growth.

Our talents

Our employees are the key to our success

We embody imagination, initiative, and a willingness to do things differently in an agile digital environment. Our passionate and diverse people share a strong customer-centric service culture, creating an appealing environment to work in.

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