Make a difference, together!

Dear colleagues,


While writing this letter to you, I’m excited and also fully aware of the huge responsibility.


Today is my first day as your CEO. I’m humbled to join and serve this great team in shaping our future.


Of course, I’m not totally new to the company, nor to many of our colleagues, customers, and partners. Still, for me, this day marks a new beginning. Over the past years, I had close interactions with many different Chinese companies and entrepreneurs. And I personally experienced how fast and how strong innovation and entrepreneurship can be in the country. Now I’m back to the Siemens family. I’m back with a firm conviction – we can, and we will make a difference together!


Make a difference with the Siemens spirit


The moment I stepped into the Siemens compound again, many memories flashed through my mind – memories about all the hardships, passion, dedication and successes we experienced together. This is the place where I was stretched, molded, and grew. And this is truly how I felt the power of the Siemens spirit.


Now I’m approaching my new role with great anticipation, and also with great respect. Siemens has been racing ahead in the digital revolution of China. Even in the time of pandemic, you closed the ranks, fought together, took care of each other, and assumed responsibility.


Many people asked me why I decided to come back, when I was offered the CEO function for Siemens Greater China?


First and foremost, it is because I consider it a privilege to work for this great company and I’ve always held the Siemens spirit dear to my heart. I want to join you in carrying it forward. It is because here at Siemens are my dear colleagues whom I had worked with, side by side, and I enjoyed working with you. And finally, it is because I believe I can contribute to the success of Siemens – drawing from the persistence I witnessed in innovative companies and my entrepreneurial experiences gained over the past years.


Make a difference as a technology company


As Roland said, “Rather than make yesterday last, Siemens is committed to building tomorrow.” That tomorrow relies on us all to build on the next level of digitalization and sustainability, and to transform the everyday – as a technology company!


In China, the 14th Five-Year Plan is opening up infinite opportunities for innovative, green and high-quality development. At Siemens, we are strengthening our market and customer-focused China strategy. We are keeping up with the times to put in place clear action plans.


What gives me confidence is our innovative DNA, our customer focus, our growth mindset, the Siemens brand, and a team who never fears the challenges ahead. Nothing is more powerful than over 30,000 Siemens people coming together to write a new chapter!


Make a difference with you!


Personally, I believe in integrity and accountability, I stand for teamwork in tackling challenges, and I enjoy creating value for customers and partners. I do share the key values of empowerment and growth mindset, as laid out in Siemens’ strategic priorities.


My friends usually say I’m also defined by my courage to try the different and explore the unknown. That’s because I simply believe: In the face of difficulties, what doesn’t beat you will make you even stronger!


I know our path ahead will not always be a smooth one. Our challenges and competition increase every day, and disruptive changes can be overwhelming. But please remember: With challenges come opportunities! The management team and I will do whatever we can to help you reach your full potential, to make your dreams come true, and empower you to achieve greater success!


I do believe everyone can make a difference at Siemens. We need to be faster and bolder to innovate and transform from silo to ecosystem. Let’s keep learning and keep growing.


From my heart, sincere thanks to Lothar and China management team for their remarkable contributions. I also want to thank the Managing Board for their trust in me. I’m proud to be part of China Team. I want to meet more of our colleagues, customers and partners, learn from you and hear your thoughts and suggestions.


Now I wish you and your families health and joy during the holidays.


Xiao Song