Connect • Create • Collaborate

Siemens Greater Bay Area Forum
Siemens Greater Bay Area Forum

Connect • Create • Collaborate

How to fully develop market potential in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA)?


What is needed to enhance international competitiveness for enterprises and cities?


What can we do to unleash innovation to achieve sustainable development with mutual benefits?

These are the important questions arising in light of emerging trends in digitalization and huge opportunities from the Development Plan of GBA.


Under the theme of “Connect • Create • Collaborate”, Siemens will host the Siemens Greater Bay Area Forum in Guangzhou.

Time: September 12th

Location: Guangzhou


The forum will provide a great platform for pinpointing the opportunities in GBA, and exploring the ways in which all parties can collaborate to co-create value. Governmental officials, business leaders, Siemens management, academics, technology experts, developers, influencers and media representatives will gather to exchange ideas about hot topics, such as the visions, strategic planning and investment policies of the GBA as well as new technologies and new dynamics in the fields of intelligent manufacturing & industry cloud, IoT technology & solutions, smart infrastructure, clean energy and education & talent development.


Let’s exchange, inspire and work together for a prosperous future of the GBA!


* Subject to continuous update


*The agenda is subject to continuous updates




Lothar Herrmann
Executive Vice President, Siemens AG

President & CEO, Siemens Greater China

Martin Fleischer

Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Guangzhou

Government Official from Guangdong Province 




Shang Huijie

General Manager of Region South
Siemens Ltd., China




Government Official from Guangdong Province


Lao Pun Lap
Director of the Macao Policy Research Office & Chairman of Macau Economic Association 


Tony Verb
Co-Founder & Partner, GreaterBay Ventures & Advisors

Maximilian Butek
Delegate & Chief Representative, Delegation of German Industry & Commerce Guangzhou

Best Practice Sharing: Creating Values together in GBA with Co-creation:

  • Clean Energy
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Manufacturing


Qiao Xu Bing

General Manager, CEEG Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Yao Zhenguo
General Manager, Gas & Power, Siemens Greater China

Chen Li Qian
Deputy General Manager, Guangdong QiXin Data Service Co., Ltd

Thomas Brenner

General Manager,  Smart Infrastructure, Siemens Greater China

Yao Wei Bing

Guangzhou MINO Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd.

Bai Liping
Vice President, Digital Industries & General Manager,

Sales Region South

Digital Industries

Siemens Ltd., China


Clean Energy Theme Forum
Official from government

Key influencers and business leaders from government organizations and energy industries

Siemens management team and representatives

  • Guangdong provincial energy market landscape and development plan
  • Leading transition to make a difference in the future of energy
  • Insight and reference sharing on how to build a clean, low carbon, safe and highly efficient energy system
  • Innovation and digitalization for energy industry 


Smart Infrastructure Theme Forum
Business leaders from infrastructure sector

Experts from various verticals

Technology experts

Siemens management and representatives 

  •  Make campus smarter
  • Smart building solution
  • MindPower - Smart Power Distribution Cloud Platform
  • Smart city - Digitization of Power Utility
  • Smart city - TIP solution in Metro


The First China’s Developers Forum of Siemens MindSphere

Official from government

MindSphere developer, partner, end users

Think tank, and MindSphere expert representatives

Siemens managemen

  • Market outlook, challenges and opportunities for IIoT in China and Siemens answers
  • Local policy and market outlook of IIoT in GBA
  • Interaction & Collaboration

   -   MindSphere Ecosystem scenarios discussion

   -   MindSphere use case sharing

   -   MindSphere hands-on experience 



IoT Services

Decision makers of corporates

Heads of strategy, operation and manufacturing

Technology heads

Siemens management and experts

  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Siemens’ digital transformation
  • Operation consulting
  • Digital transformation implementation
  • Smart Campus based on Data Layer 
  • Intelligent traffic system and connected city solutions  


Education & Talent Development Theme Forum

Official from government

Faculties from universities, vocational and technical schools

Siemens Management, education cooperation and training experts 

  • Strategies for talent demand and development in the GBA
  • Perspective from German enterprise on talent development
  • Siemens Professional Education (SPE) Introduction
  • SCE project empowers intelligent manufacturing "New Engineers”
  • Siemens laboratory solution
  • Experience sharing of Sino-Germany technical college

Theme Forums

Agenda for theme forums

13:50 – 14:00
Walk in & Be seated 
14:00 – 14:05
Opening of the theme forum


Zhao Zuozhi, Chief Technology Officer, PG,

Gas & Power (GP), Siemens AG

14:05 – 14:20
Guangdong province energy landscape and development plan
Representative from Guangdong NEA
14:20 – 14:35

Make energy greener –

Build a new eco –system for energy transition

Yao Zhenguo

EVP of Siemens Ltd., China, GM of Gas & Power Greater China

14:35 – 15:35

Panel discussion:

Local to global –

Support to build a clean, low carbon, safe and highly efficient energy system 

Moderator: Zuozhi


Zhang Tiangui, GM of GP OG

Kang Di, Sales GM of GP PG

Wang Jianlei, GM of GP TP

Sheng Honglei, Head of Marketing Dept. Siemens Gamesa Renewables China

15:35 – 15:55
Coffee break
15:55 – 16:25
Innovation and digitalization create values

Tang Yucheng, Head of Digitalization, GP SD

Gao Chen, BD Manager, GP PGO, TI

16:25 – 16:40
Wrap up
Zhao Zuozhi
13:50 – 14:00
Walk in & Be seated 
14:00 – 14:05
Opening speech

Thomas Brenner

Executive Vice President, Siemens Ltd., China

General Manager, Smart Infrastructure, Siemens Greater China

14:05 – 14:35
Making campus smarter

Wang Pei Yuan

Vice President, Smart Infrastructure, Siemens Ltd. China

General Manager, Digital Grid Business Unit

General Manager, Siemens Power Plant Automation Ltd.

14:35 – 14:55
Smart buildings 

Gao Chun Lin

General Manager, Siemens Building Technologies (Tianjin) Ltd.

14:55 – 15:10
Smart Power Supply - MindPower

Li Qi-Lena

Vice President, Smart Infrastructure, Siemens Ltd. China

General Manager, Low voltage & Products Business Unit

15:10 – 15:30
Tea break
15:30 – 15:50
Digital Utility in Smart City

Keith Wong

Digitalization Manager, Siemens Ltd. Hong Kong

15:50 – 16:10
Smart Metro - New Generation Smart Power Supply System

Lin Shan

Deputy Chief Engineer

Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.

16:10 – 16:25
Smart City - TIP solution in Metro

Ming Feng

Business Development Manager, Metro Vertical

Control Products, Smart Infrastructure, Siemens Ltd. China





12:00 – 13:45

Market Place

13:45 – 14:00

Walk in & Be seated

14:00 – 14:03

Opening video 

14:03 – 14:05



Short welcome by moderator

14:05 – 14:15

Welcome speech

Bai Li Ping

Welcome & Realize digital transformation empowered by IIoT (tbc)

14:15 – 14:30

Keynote Speech by Siemens Executive

Rudolf Basson

Opportunities brought by IIoT

Siemens offerings

MindSphere introduction

14:30 – 14:45

Guest Speech

Shen Zhi Xiong

Associate Counsellor of GDIIT


Local policy and outlook of IoT in GBA

14:45 – 15:00

Guest Speech

Liu Zhao


15:00 – 15:45

Panel discussion

Government official, developer, partner, end user, think tank, Siemens expert

Trend of IIoT

Challenges and opportunities to various stakeholders

Siemens answers

15:45 – 16:05

Tea Break & Market Place

16:05 – 17:30 

Face-to-face – MindSphere ecosystem scenarios discussion

MindSphere experts


(multi-programs in parallel)

End-to-end – MindSphere application use case sharing

MindSphere developers



Hand-by-hand – MindSphere hands-on experience

MindSphere experts


  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Siemens’ digital transformation
  • Operation consulting
  • Digital transformation implementation
  • Smart Campus based on Data Layer 
  • Intelligent traffic system and connected city solutions  
14:00 – 14:20
Siemens perspective on telant development and education

Ma Qing

Executive Vice President and Head of HR, Siemens Greater China 

14:20 – 14:40
SPE introduction

Wan Bing

Head of Learning & Education, Siemens Ltd., China

14:40 – 15:15
SCE project empower intelligent manufacturing "New Engineer"

Ms. Yuan Na 

SCE Manager,Digital Industries Siemens Ltd., China

15:15 – 15:50
Siemens laboratory solution

Mr. Ling Zhiheng

SCE BD Manager, Digital Industries Customer Service, Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

15:50 – 16:05
Experience sharing of Sino-Germany technical college

Mr. Yuan Tong

BD Manager, Digital Industries Customer Service Training Center, Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

16:05 – 16:45
Panel discussion


Digital Enterprise Assessment

With the coming of the intelligent manufacturing era, you may have trouble identifying where to get started with your digital transformation journey. This 10-minute survey aims to assess how digitalized your organization is from the perspectives of Strategic Planning, Organization & Administration, System Integration, Production & Operation, Data Management and Digitalization Application. This will help you determine where and how to go digital. This assessment tool is designed based on Siemens' global experience and local expertise in implementing digital transformations for thousands of industry customers around the world.

Digital Enterprise Assessment



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