Driving Innovation for China and the World

Siemens Innovation Day China 2017 . September 13th & 14th . Suzhou
Siemens Innovation day China 2017

Driving Innovation for China and the World

In line with “Made in China” and “The Belt and Road” initiatives, China calls for upgrading the national industry and boosting global competence through digitalization focused innovation. 


Within the context of this move, Siemens Innovation Day China 2017 had been held in Suzhou on September 13 & 14 , 2017.  We jointly explored how China drives innovation and transformation in a digital age.


Key topics of the event program include Digital Enterprise, MindSphere - the cloud-based open operating system for the IoT, Digitalized Power Supply, Smart City and Digital Service as well as IT Security, Artificial Intelligence, etc.


The event also featured impressive demonstrations and interactive multimedia showcase at the mini-booth.The participants had an opportunity to obtain insights into Siemens latest technologies, products, solutions and services in areas of digital enterprise, digitalized power supply and intelligent infrastructure.


Press Release

SiemensChina in 100 Seconds

Wanna make friends with robots? Join us! Siemens China will lead the company’s global research in Autonomous Robotics. Digitalization is everywhere. So are hacker attacks. Siemens China Cyber Defense Center monitors and protects digital assets. How can we join forces to innovate in the digital age? About 400 customers and partners joined Siemens Innovation Day China 2017 to discuss the hot topics. Find out more in the video.


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Guests Arrival and Check-in

Time: 13:30-14:00

Welcome Speech


Speaker: Dr.Zhu Xiaoxun,  Head of Siemens Corporate Technology China

Industrial Artificial Intelligence


Speaker: Dr. Michael May, Head of Technology Field – Business Analysis and Monitoring, Siemens Corporate Technology

Dr. Michael May is Head of the Technology Field Business Analytics & Monitoring (BAM) at Siemens Corporate Technology and responsible for twelve research groups in Europe, US, and Asia. Michael is driving research at Siemens in data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  

Applications-driven Technical Innovation by Making Full Use of Deep Neural Networks


Speaker: Prof. Sun Maosong, Professor and Co-chair of Computer Science Department of Tsinghua University 

Prof. Sun Mao Song is currently a professor of Computer Science Department of Tsinghua University. He is mainly engaged in the field of natural language processing, artificial intelligence, social computing and computational education. He is now the chief scientist of a National Basic Research Program-granted key project and the chief scientist of a National Social Sciences Research Program-granted key project. He serves as the deputy director of the Massive Online Education Research Centre of the Ministry of Education of China,  the director of the Block-chain Technology Joint Research Centre of Tsinghua University, and co-director of the Tsinghua-National University of Singapore Joint Research Center on Next-Generation Search Technologies.

Industrial IT-Security in the Context of Digitalization and Industrie 4.0


Speaker: Dr. Rolf Reinema , Head of Technology Field – IT Security, Siemens Corporate Technology

In May 2014, Dr. Rolf Reinema joined Siemens where he is now leading the global technology field IT-Security, which drives the further evolvement of IT-Security within Siemens' IT as well as its manifold products. He also operates the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) and the CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) functions, being responsible for Cyber Security Governance and acting as the Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as well as the Global Chief Product&Solution Security Officer. He has been in charge of all security disciplines within Vodafone (Germany and Central European Region, 2006-2014) before he joined Siemens.

Tea Break


From Sensing to Perception


Speaker: Dr. Thomas Scheiter, Head of Technology Field -- Sensing & Industrial Imaging, Siemens Corporate Technology

Dr. Thomas Scheiter studied Electronic Engineering and wrote his PhD thesis on “Microsystems Integration”.  In 1995, he became program manager for the program “Biometrics” at Siemens and Infineon, where the fingertip sensor was developed.  He subsequently held various management positions at Infineon. In 2008, he joined Siemens CT, where he has been R&D Head for Sensing topics since 2012.

SIMATIC as Platform for Robotic Control

Time: 16:05-16:30

Speaker: Dr. George Lo, Senior Principal Expert, Siemens Corporate Technology

George Lo received his B.Sc. in 1973 and Ph.D. in 1977 from Imperial College, London. Since joining Siemens in 1987, he helped innovate several of Siemens’ automation and control products and led research projects in advanced automation. He was named a Siemens Top Innovator in 2006. Beginning 2016, George is coaching automation and control related programs in Siemens China Innovation Center.

Top Innovations in Electrification, Automation and Digitalization – US Perspective


Speaker: Dr. Kurt Bettenhausen , Head of Technology Field – Automation and Control, Siemens Corporate Technology

Dr. Kurt D. Bettenhausen is Head of Corporate Technology US . He leads the Technology Field Automation and Control, providing methods and software modules to simulate, optimize, operate and control systems & processes. Before joining Corporate Technology, Dr. Bettenhausen headed up the Engineering and Consulting Business of Siemens’ Industrial Automation Division. 

Wrap-up and closing

Time: 16:55-17:00

Speaker: Dr. Zhu Xiaoxun, Head of Siemens Corporate Technology China

Mini Booth Visit

Time: 17:00-18:30

Welcome Dinner


Guests Arrival

Time: 08:30-09:00

Opening Speech

Time: 09:00-09:15

Speaker: Lothar Herrmann, CEO Siemens Greater China

Shaping Digitalization-Innovation at Siemens

Time: 09:15-09:45

Speaker: Dr. Roland Busch, Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

China High Tech Industry Innovative Development Strategy

Time: 09:45-10:05

Speaker: Ma Li, Deputy Director General, International Cooperation Department, National Development and Reform Commission

Speech from Locial Government Official

Time: 10:05-10:15

Speaker: Wang Xiang, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Suzhou, Vice Mayor

Tea Break/Mini Booth visit

Time: 10:15-10:35

Panel Discussion: Innovation Ecosystem Building for "Made in China 2025" and "Industrie 4.0"

Time: 10:35-11:25

Speakers: Dr. Norbert Gaus, Executive VP of Siemens AG, Head of Research in Digitalization and Automation, and Platform Development, Siemens Corporate Technology; 

                   Duan Xiong, Deputy Director General of Jiangsu Science & Technology Department; 

                   Zhou Xu Dong, Standing Comittee of Suzhou Municipal Committee of Jiangsu Province, Secretary-General of Suzhou Industrial Park; 

                   Prof. Wu Cheng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of National CIMS Engineering Research Center,Tsinghua University; 

                   Prof. Xie Youbai, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of  Shanghai Jiaotong University and Xi’an Jiaotong University; 

                   Huang Wei Dong, President of Xi'an Bright Additive Technologies Co., Ltd, Vice President of National Institute Corporate of Additive Manufacturing (NICAM); 

                   Moderated by Dr. Zhu Xiaoxun, Head of Siemens Corporate Technology China.

Panel Discussion on Creating Customer Values

Time: 11:25-12:15

Speakers: Wang Haibin, General Manager of Digital Factory Division, Siemens Ltd., China;

                  Markus Mildner, General Manager of Energy Management Division, Siemens Ltd., China;

                  Frank Hagemeier, General Manager of Mobility Division, Siemens Ltd., China; 

                  Shao Kangwen, General Manager of Building Technology Division, Siemens Ltd., China;

                  Yao Zhenguo, General Manager of Power & Gas Division, Siemens Ltd., China; 

                  Gerhard Nocker,General Manger of Power Generation Services Division, Region Asia; 

                  Moderated by Wang Xinsheng, Head of Corporate Development, Consulting, Supply Chain Management, Siemens Ltd.,China

Buffet Lunch

Time: 12:15-13:30

Digitalized Power Supply Forum

13:30-13:35 | MC kickoff | Dr. Shi Ke, Project Manager, Power and Gas Innovation Center, Siemens Corporate Technology  

13:35-14:05 | Industrial Internet and Big Data Application Development | Zhu Weilie, CIO, China Huaneng Group 

14:05-14:35 | Digitalization-Driving Innovtion, Tansforming Society |  Wang Xinsheng, Head of Corporate Development, Consulting, Supply Chain Management, Siemens Ltd.,China

14:35-15:05 | Innovation Trends in Power Generation Industry | Dr. Holger Hackstein, Program Manager, Technology and Innovation, Power and Gas, Siemens AG

15:05-15:25 | Tea break

15:25-16:05 | Make Digital Real | Dr. Tang Yucheng,  Director, Digital Power Supply, Power and Gas Innovation Center, Siemens Corporate Technology

Smart City Forum

13:30-14:00 | Siemens City Performance Tool CyPT Air - Improving Air Quality in Cities | Klaus Heidinger, Head of Siemens Global City IT Center of Competence

14:00-14:25 | Full Automation-Future of Metro Systems | He Mu Guang, CTO of Mobility Management,Mobility Division, Siemens Ltd., China

14:25-14:50 | Smart Energy Solution for Smart City | Zheng Feng, General Manager, Digital Grid Business Unit, Energy Management Division, Siemens Ltd., China

14:50-15:10 | Tea break 

15:10-15:35 | Creating Perfect Places with Digitalization | Dr. Dou Liangwang, Application Center Manager, Control Products  & Solutions Business Unit, Building Technologies Division, Siemens Ltd., 

15:35-16:00 | Smart Cities- Driving Innovation and Collaboration |  Daniel Weitze, Global Service Manager, Siemens AG

Digital Enterprise & MindSphere Forum

13:30-14:00 | Digital Enterprise | Wang Haibin, General Manager of Digital Factory Division, Siemens Ltd., China

14:00-14:40 | MindSphere Introduction | Li Li, Digital Service Director, Digital Factory Division, Siemens Ltd,. China

14:40-15:00 | Insights from MindSphere R&D and PRM | Steffen Stang, Director of Digital Service PAS,PL, Digital Factory Division, Siemens AG

15:00-15:20 | Tea break 

15:20-16:20 | Digitalization value chain and value co-creation | Lin Xiao Fa, Chairman of Jomoo Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd.; Li Ming, General Manager of Holley Technology Ltd.; Wang Haibin, General Manager of Digital Factory Division,Siemens Ltd., China; Li Li, Digital Service Director, Digital Factory Division, Siemens Ltd., China; Wang Tao, FA Service Director, Siemens Ltd., China;Wang Xinsheng, Head of Corporate Development, Consulting, Supply Chain Management, Siemens Ltd.,China; Moderated by Xu Hanwei, Expert Consultant, Corporate Development, Consulting, Supply Chain Management, Siemens Ltd.,China

Crossover dialogue: Have those technologies in sci-fi stories come true?

One is a new science fiction writer who became famous at his young age and has won science fiction awards for several times; Another is a scientist who comes from Siemens and has many inventions which lead technological innovation. The writer’s mind runs wild and his imagination flows without limits. Meanwhile, the scientist shows you that the dream is now coming into the reality. Siemens, an enterprise with innovative DNA which was founded for centuries, will tell you that which science fiction is not a dream any more. 


Innovation Stories

A thinking power plant

In Zhengzhou, SPIC Henan Remote Diagnosis Center has begun operations. The generator sets can be looked after by an “expert doctor” thousands of miles away. Before the “disease” emerges, “bacteria” would already have been eliminated.

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Wheels rolling towards Industrie 4.0

At Doublestar, China’s leading tire manufacturer, Siemens Digital Enterprise Suite enables seamless integration of all processes and helps the company realize intelligent manufacturing.

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Connectivity makes a better city

In the field of urban infrastructure, Siemens has a broad portfolio and deep technological expertise. With strong know-how in sensor network, information integration and data analytics, Siemens provides digital solutions and services to enable digital cities.

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“AlphaGo” of the industrial sector

Siemens offers artificial intelligence solutions in many fields such as energy, process industries, discrete manufacturing, mobility and buildings, etc. to help build “AlphaGo” of the industrial sector.

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Success from innovation

For almost 170 years, groundbreaking ideas, new concepts and convincing business models have been the guarantors of our success. Our innovations move beyond mere ideas to become convincing products that conquer markets and set benchmarks. They have made our company big and strong, and will enable us to build a successful future.

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Dr. Roland Busch

Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

Dr. Roland Busch is Chief Technology Officer and a Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG. He is responsible for the company’s Asia/Australia Region as well as for the infrastructure businesses including the Energy Management, Building Technologies and Mobility Divisions. In addition, Busch is in charge of the de-partment Corporate Development and the company’s Sustainability as well as Sales activities.


Dr. Busch joined Siemens in 1994, as a project manager at Corporate Research & Development. In 2002, Dr. Busch was appointed head of the Infotainment Solutions Division. In 2005, he relocated to Shanghai, where he served as CEO of Siemens VDO Automotive Asia Pacific. In 2007, he returned to Germany to head the Mass Transit Division at the Transportation Systems Group. In 2008, he became Head of Corporate Strategies. In 2011, he was appointed CEO of the Infrastructure & Cities Sector and Member of the Managing Board.


Dr, Roland Busch studied physics at Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany – where he received his doctorate – and at the University of Grenoble in France.

Affective April 1, 2017, Roland Busch will change regional responsibility Note:for Asia/Australia to the Middle East and to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). At the same time, he will no longer be in charge of the company's Energy Management Division.

Lothar Herrmann

CEO Siemens Greater China, and President and CEO of Siemens Ltd., China.

Lothar Herrmann is CEO Siemens Greater China, and President and CEO of Siemens Ltd., China since November 2013.


Herrmann joined Siemens AG in 1991, starting as Manager for International Region Asia and moving through various positions obtaining expertise in many areas including strategy, energy, industry, and regional operation. With work experiences in Germany, Bangladesh, China, Southeast Asia, etc., he has accumulated extensive knowledge and understanding of international business. 


Herrmann has been associated with Siemens China since 1995 when assumed the position as Director of Corporate Strategy of Siemens Ltd., China and the Head of Task Force China in Beijing, and has since then developed in-depth understanding of the Chinese market.


He took on the position of General Manager of Fossil Power Generation Joint Ventures (PG) China in 2001, and in 2002 became the General Manager for Power Generation Group (PG), responsible for the overall business activities in the Chinese market. At the same time, Herrmann also held positions as Vice President of Siemens Ltd., China and Vice President, Sales New Plants and Services – China, Siemens AG. 


Herrmann assumed the position of CEO of Siemens Limited Thailand in 2005, and since 2008, he also had regional management responsibilities for ASEAN and later the ASEAN-Pacific Region, as well as responsibility for the Industry Sector.


Before taking his current position, he was President and CEO of Siemens Pte Ltd. Singapore since February 2009. 


Herrmann holds a master’s degree in economics.

Dr. Zhu Xiaoxun

Executive Vice President, Siemens Ltd., China,Head of Siemens Corporate Technology China,General Manager, IoT Services, Siemens Ltd., China

Dr. Zhu Xiaoxun has been leading Siemens Corporate Technology China since 2014. In 2019, he took on an additional responsibility, leading the newly established Siemens IoT Services China business unit.


As the Head of Corporate Technology China, he leads Siemens’ largest research center outside of Germany, focusing on solving unique technology challenges in the China market, with a strong emphasis on collaborative research with local partners within the China innovation eco-system. At the same time, he leads the IoT Services unit, which builds upon the strong consulting and technology competences at Siemens China, to provide end-to-end IoT integration services as well as consulting for digital transformation.


Dr. Zhu has spent the past two decades driving innovation in multiple technology areas, managing cross-cultural R&D teams in China and globally. As a prolific inventor, he was the author of more than 270 U.S. patents, with over 10,000 citations, on various topics including laser signal processing, dimensioning and tracking algorithms, wireless devices, and imaging-based data collection devices.


Before joining Siemens, Dr. Zhu spent 16 years with Honeywell, where he was most recently Vice President and Global Leader for HTS-ACS, managing Honeywell’s Automation and Control Solutions engineering teams in China, India and Czech, with over 2,800 engineers. He joined Honeywell through the acquisition of Metrologic Instruments, an Automatic Identification company in New Jersey, U.S., where he was its Chief Technology Officer.


Dr. Zhu Xiaoxun earned his PhD and MS/BS of Electrical Engineering from Drexel University, Philadelphia, U.S. in 1997 and 1994. From 1988 to 1991, he pursued undergraduate studies in the Special Class for Gifted Young in the University of Science and Technology of China.

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