“I was ready for a real challenge, and I got one.”

Rebecca Zeng, Commercial Manager, West China Region
Life at Siemens

Unlock your potential

In 2016, I completed 18 years of my Siemens career. It was here that I was able to realize my dream of a challenging and exciting job.

My journey at Siemens started with an unusual challenge 18 years ago. I went to work in a state-owned bank after graduation, only to realize it was not the life for me. So I decided to give up my Iron Rice Bowl. My parents weren’t particularly happy, but I had to pursue my dream of a career that would challenge me. Not long after I left, I had an interview with the CEO and HR director of Siemens Chongqing office. They told me they believed in me, despite my lack of experience, and hoped I would develop my long-term career with them. They called it a win-win situation – for me and the company. Their respect convinced me that Siemens was the right choice for a career move. And I made up my mind then and there to embrace this new position with my full passion and commitment. 

Challenges are the most attractive part of my job. Over the last 18 years, I’ve constantly had to challenge myself. I take on new responsibilities about every three to four years, covering a variety of roles. Siemens is a vast and comprehensive platform, perfect for those who wish to grow and challenge themselves. 

One project was particularly memorable: setting up our Chengdu Digital Factory. In 2011, Siemens drafted the plan for its second global digital factory in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, to be ready by 2013. That was a remarkably brief time to build a plant, let alone our second global digital facility. But we were determined to make the impossible possible. We established a cross-functional team of 100 people; we drew up schedules, and collaborated as a close-knit team. We also worked closely with the central team in Germany to solve the bigger challenges. The hard work paid off. The Chengdu digital facility was finished on plan and on schedule, with production commencing soon after. Facing challenges bravely – that’s how we make the impossible possible. We did it!

Our vision is to provide the best platform possible for anyone ready to challenge themselves. We take pride in helping each person design the career path that’s right for them, and waste no time setting them out on that journey. 

You can only discover your true gifts by trying new things and challenging yourself. This is also the only way to gain new skills and deeper knowledge.

Embracing the world of tomorrow

My home city Chengdu used to be regarded as a sleepy city. In recent years, like many cities across China, Chengdu has transformed itself. Young people yearn for change; they want careers that offer a real challenge. They’re eager to design their own future, through hard work and a sense of purpose. This enterprising spirit is introducing a spirit of endless possibilities, making our cities, and China itself, more vibrant and prosperous. 

Never say no to your potential. Dare to dream, and you’ll receive the most precious gift – a better you.
Rebecca Zeng, Commercial Manager, West China Region

Together with my staff we establish short- and long-term goals. We organize training and related programs to fit each person’s objectives. We bring in people from other areas of the business, to help provide a broader perspective. Meanwhile, we help everyone overcome their hesitations, and learn how to solve problems – the Siemens way. These principles are at the heart of our management philosophy. We’re devoted to helping each member of the team achieve their goals and unleash their full potential. 

China is steadily preparing itself for an “Industry 4.0” model, and we’ve secured our leading position in this evolution. The Siemens Chengdu Digital Factory is a sure sign of the future. You’ll see far fewer people in the facilities, as automation and robotics take center-stage. This factory offers digital solutions to help manufacturers from various sectors maintain high quality, ensure on-time delivery, and reduce costs. Over the long term, these ever more intelligent and automated technologies will improve everyone’s quality of life, and make our world future-ready. I am so proud to not only witness these changes close-up, but also to play a meaningful part in this transformation. 

Having a vibrant personal life inspires my work and fills me with positive energy. At Siemens, we believe in a healthy work/life balance. I spend a lot of time with my family. On weekends, I go to concerts with my son and love hearing him play the piano. It’s important that I be there as he grows up. I also like jogging, swimming, playing the violin, and travelling. A rich personal life helps me relax and recharge, so I can better tackle the challenges at work.

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