“Anything with wheels”

Dom McGee is a newly qualified technician from Northampton, UK. Find out how he’s working to modernize UK transport.  

Turning a passion into a career on the UK’s new train network

“I’ve always been into fixing stuff. Bikes, cars… anything with wheels, really”, says Dom McGee, who turned his childhood passion into a career at Siemens.   Today, he’s an outstation technician on the Thameslink, where he’s introducing the latest high-tech trains to the British railway network and making sure they run smoothly. He knows that his work impacts the lives of thousands of people, especially those who commute through London every day. That’s why he finds a solution to every problem: “We fix the issue, wherever that is.”   Experience the future of transport through Dom’s eyes.
Behind the scenes

Making Dom’s reality virtual

We met Dom and spent a day at work with him: in the depot, on the tracks fixing trains, and in his own garage. Using 360° cameras to create an immersive VR experience, we captured how he’s shaping the future of transportation. Here’s how we did it.