“Brainpower over manpower“

Zheng Shao Qu is a new kind of factory worker. Experience how he’s influencing Industry 4.0 for the Digital Factory in Chengdu, China.

Living Industry 4.0 in China’s emerging technological capital

“Teamwork makes the world smarter”, says Zheng Shao Qu, a project manager in the Digital Factory in Chengdu, China.


To him Industry 4.0 means two things; on the one hand, it’s merging design and manufacturing, on the other it’s merging the virtual and the physical world. In the Digital Factory, Zheng Shao Qu and his colleagues virtually simulate, test and improve everything first, then produce their products in the real world. At the heart of all this, is Big Data that’s accessible to everyone in the factory, making collaboration even easier.


He is convinced that teamwork is key: “All of us need to work together. Only in that way we can make this happen.” – find out why.

Behind the scenes

Making Zheng Shao Qu’s reality virtual

We met Zheng Shao Qu in his hometown Chengdu, China’s Silicon Valley. Using 360° cameras to create an immersive VR experience, we captured how he’s driving the Industry 4.0 forward. Here’s how we did it.